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  • Q: ✅ what are some current trends in wedding decorations?

    A: Some current trends in wedding decorations are Sustainable wedding decoration,Neon light decoration, Cloud Nine, gorgeous green, Light hue wedding decoration and Daylight pastel decoration.

  • Q: ✅ What are some unique wedding party decorations?

    A: Boho style party decorations

    ● Neon signs

    ● Golden Fairy lights

    ● Flamingo theme decoration

    ● Chandeliers

  • Q: ✅ What are some current trends in wedding decorations?

    A: Some current trends in wedding decorations are:

    1. Sustainable wedding decoration

    2. Neon light decoration

    3. Light hue wedding decoration

    4. Daylight pastel decoration

  • Q: ✅ How much do wedding decorators cost in India?

    A: In our industry, there is no such thing as a set pricing. The wedding designers' experience mostly determines how much they will charge you for their services. Another aspect that influences the cost of your wedding decorating is the sort of service you choose. However, it usually ranges from 40k to 20L and even higher.

  • Q: ✅ How do I find the best wedding planner according to my budget and locality?

    A: Fabwedding connects you with all of your wedding vendors so you can enjoy your nuptials and wedding day. Whether you want an intimate wedding with a few guests or a beautiful palace wedding, fabwedding will recommend venues that suit your needs. If you're not sure where to start looking for a wedding planner, you can utilize the fabwedding website to find an Indian wedding planner by selecting your city and budget. After you've filtered out the fundamental information, you'll have a lot of planners on your screen, which you may look through. You can also call or speak with your planners on the internet only once you've narrowed down your choices.

  • Q: ✅ How long before your wedding did you plan or book the wedding decor?

    A: Weddings go place all year in India. As a result, wedding decorations are in high demand. To prevent missing out on the opportunity to work with your chosen wedding decorator, hire your wedding decorator as soon as feasible. Additionally, hiring them early will let them inspect your wedding venue ahead of time and design their wedding décor accordingly.

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