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    Destination Wedding
    Destination Wedding
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  • Q: ✅ Are destination weddings cheaper?

    A: Destination weddings are generally less expensive than traditional nuptials, not just in India. Most sites provide all-inclusive wedding packages that are often less expensive than local weddings.

  • Q: ✅ How much does a destination wedding cost?

    A: The average cost of a destination wedding is 15 lakhs or around which is also far less than the national average for traditional weddings.

  • Q: ✅ Are destination weddings worth it?

    A: While destination weddings do need travel and a significant amount of logistical planning, many couples find it to be well worth the effort. Nothing beats the thrill of a destination wedding, especially if you and your partner are thrill-seekers.

  • Q: ✅ How early should you plan a destination wedding?

    A: You should visit the venue once before making a reservation and again three to four months before the wedding to settle arrangements. Arrive at least five days early to make those judgments and have hair and makeup trials if a second trip isn't possible.

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