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    9 places to rent a bridal lehenga in Delhi

    A wedding day for any bride is no less than a dream. She, her fiance and their families plan the wedding they have forever dreamt of. However, to see a dream come true takes special care in all departments. Be it location, decor, food, or outfits. It is no secret that women want the best designer lehengas for their special day. However, to make that dream come true, one should not burn a hole in their wallets. For getting designer wears at an affordable price, here are 9 places to rent a bridal lehenga in Delhi. 1. Stage3 Stage3 is your one-stop shop for all things bridal. One of the…

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    20 ‘hatke’ contrasting dupattas for Brides to be

    India is a country with a variety of culture. And every culture has different rituals, traditions and attire. But one thing common in any bridal wear for various wedding ceremonies is dupatta. Our traditional duppata wear has always been in the color of Red or Golden. But not anymore, new age brides have taken to an option of different colors. Here are 20+ contrasting dupatta ideas for Brides-to-be 1. Light turquoise with Purple dupatta This turquoise saree with purple dupatta is a unique and great choice for any bride’s big day! 2. Lavender with Pink dupatta This subtle lavender and pink combination is an adorable combination to wear. Absolutely stunning…

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    30+ Heavy Bridal Nath Ideas For Bride-To-Be!

    Naths are such an important piece of jewellery that surely amp up your whole look! When we look at these heavy naths we get why every bride wants the perfect one. So we’ve prepared a list of heavy bridal nath ideas to get the look you desire! You can pair them with some stunning bridal jewellery to shine and look so royal for your wedding. 1. This beautiful bridal nath is indeed close to perfection! With flowers and beads, it is a beautiful combination to look gorgeous! 2. Another gorgeous look for brides-to-be! A heavy nath design for when you don’t want to go extremely OTT. 3. We’re certainly in…

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    50 candid moments captured of Bride-Groom

    Candid photography has been an all time favorite among people, especially when it comes to Indian Weddings. Whether be it a ‘real candid’ or a ‘posed’ one, candid photography are a must for every Bride-Groom. From mehndi, engagement to the final day, here are 50 candid moments of Bride and Groom we love! 1. A kiss to never sky away from 2. This mehndi candid is all we dig! 3. When you are not going to let her get away easily 4. The one with the sneaked peck 5. Happiness is in being together 6. When your family and friends tease the candid out of you 7. Ready for the…

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    50 Candid Photographers that we follow

    At your wedding, there are many moments that are unplanned and are full of emotions and a candid photographers work is to capture those candid moments of your wedding and deliver them to you in the form of photographs that you are going to cherish forever. Candid photography is in trend and we at FabWedding have some candid photographers from which you can choose your D-Day candid photographer. Candid photographers to have a look at! 1. Omega Productions 2. Hand in Hand Films 3.Wedding by Doorbean 4. Weddingraphy 5. Time Shutterz 6. Happy Stillz 7. Weddingaura Film Productions 8. Going Bananas Photography 9. Shutterdown- Lakshay Chawla 10. Lenseyezia Productions 11.…

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    20+ adorable Bride-Mom photos that will melt you

    Weddings have always been an affair of emotions and memories. While it is a celebration for both the families and their friends, it’s indeed extra emotional for the bride’s mothers. After all their little girl is all grown up and about to start a new chapter in her life. Nothing is more memorable than capturing such precious moments between a mother and a daughter. The teasing, the tears and the fun. So here are 20+ adorable Bride-Mom photos that will melt you- 1. Twin with your mom on your special day 2. All smiles for the camera! 3. A tear of happiness and sorrow 4. A mother’s wisdom never ends…

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    Best Bridal Makeup artists in Bangalore under 12k!

    The most important day for a woman is the day she gets married. She has to look the most beautiful bride that day! But if one doesn’t want to spend a fortune on bridal makeup, this surely doesn’t mean that the bride doesn’t deserve an amazing makeup artist to make her look flawless. We bring to you our most trusted bridal makeup artists in Bangalore under 12k for your D-Day! 1. Priya Harsha If you’re looking for a subtle and still on point makeup, we suggest Priya Harsha’s work. She is the most sought after names in Bangalore. 2. Salma Sajjad Salma Sajjad is a Certified Makeup Artist and is…

  • Bridal Veil Shots- Fab Weddings
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    Most Beautiful Bridal Veil Shots that have our heart

    There is no denying that the most attention is directed towards the bride during the wedding celebrations. Starting from her outfits and makeup of each event to her vidai after the wedding rituals gets over, everything gets captured. When it comes to clicking the Bridal Portraits, there are many options – one of them being the bridal veil shots. It express different emotions and the photographers gets to capture incredible stills by using light and shadow in different forms. Here are some of the bridal veil shots that we love and we are sure you will also love them alot. Classic Red veil shot This bride nailing the perfect veil pose…

  • Yesha and rajan sangeet
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    Arranged Love Affair – Real Wedding

    They met through the typical ‘arranged marriage’ concept but soon enough it was a burst of love that filled their lives! Yesha and Rajan surely had a beautiful courtship period where their imperfectly perfect love hit it off! They met over coffee and just how we see in movies, hours passed without either of them realising. The feeling of not wanting to leave the other person stuck with them and they got into this beautiful arranged love affair! Courtship Period Even though they met through their parents, their story was nothing short of love. They hit it off right when they met over coffee and spent 4 hours just talking…

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    9 Home decor inspos for a dream wedding!

    Weddings are tough in time like these. Tough but not impossible. While your dream destination wedding might be a no show, your wedding is still one of the most important days of your life. After all getting married to the love of your life is nothing less than a dream come true. Here are 9 home decor inspos for a dream wedding- 1. Waiting for love? Take precaution first In times like these precaution should be an utmost priority. But who said you cannot be creative with it? Wait for love but precaution first. 2. The gorgeous Engagement theme What is better than having a color theme for your special…

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    30+ Stunning-Choreographed Bridesmaids Dance Performances!

    Every Bride wants to have a special bridesmaids dance performances by her girl gang and rock the floor and have a memorable moment with her gang . The bridesmaids have been through all the wedding madness with you and it’s time to put the limelight on them. She is probably the one with whom you have had crazy midnight dancing sessions and on her D- day it has to be a special and rocking one. Also, everyone knows that this is the most glamorous part of the wedding and groomsmen are secretly waiting for it. Here are some of the bridesmaids dance performances which have us grooving and we cant…

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    Exercises To Get That Toned Body For Your D-Day!

    Your wedding planning is in full swings and of course, we know that you can’t be happier! Planning causes a great amount of stress and often we don’t get enough time to go to the gym. Though, this lockdown has been a great blessing because now you get to focus on your body and get it toned for your D-day!We know you want to look your very best be it with a skincare routine, haircare tips or workout sessions. So we’ve prepared a list of exercises for brides-to-be that would get your a toned body and have you looking your best self. Exercises to get you started Downward Dog pose…

  • Guest seating decor
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    6 Pastel Decor Ideas for a Millennial Wedding

    Indian Weddings have always been synonymous with the color red. However, millennial’s have found a new preferred theme color, and that is the soothing pastel hues. The color combination required for any wedding is a matter of importance. And what is better than having soft and serene pastel colors of pink, purple or any preferred color. So here are 6 pastel decor ideas for a millennial wedding. 1. Must haves guest seating arenas If your guests are going to spend their time sitting and chatting for hours, might as well give them a beautiful yet a calming theme. After all, best memories are created in the best of ambiance. 2.…

  • White mehndi with blue sequences
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    22 White Mehndi Designs to die for!

    Mehndi has been one of the most stylish element in any occasion. Rooted in our culture yet loved by many in today’s time. Mehendi has been a major part of any wedding celebrations. Be it roka, engagement, haldi or wedding day. While mehendi has seen several new versions of it, white mehndi remains one of the most popular ones. Here are 22 white mehendi designs to die for- Minimal is the key to a fashionable mehndi Minimal has become the key to making fashion statements. They are loved my all, so why not make it a part of your OOTD? A mehndi design we dig! The one with the golden…

  • Aakriti and Azhar
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    A Dream They Fought For – Real Wedding

    We come across so many stories on a daily basis. Some entertain us, some make us emotional whereas some inspire us. The story of Aakriti and Azhar is one such story. With buckets of emotions, inspiration and the one thing that bound them together – love. We got to witness a beautiful love story out of bounds that surely straight-up melted our hearts. A dream wedding, very literally. Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua They met in Nagpur where both of them were getting their MBA and must we dare to say, it was love at first sight. We find these stories about how people click at the first meeting and this…

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    Most Stunning Maharashtrian Brides We Spotted

    Maharashtrian weddings might be the simplest but nevertheless, they have the most vivid representation of colours and cultures. Brides in their Nauvari sarees incorporated with the most notable details have us going gaga over them without a doubt! Following are the most stunning Maharashtrian brides we spotted! 1. Nothing OTT nevertheless we love the pure serenity of this colour on our bride! The beautiful Mundavalya in addition to the stunning green saree! 2. She is gesturing to something she loves and we’re having the same gesture for her look indeed! “👌” 3. Subtle yellow hues are a class apart, especially when you have your to-be-husband twinning with you! #OutfitGoals, am…

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    7 Personalized DIY Decor Ideas for intimate weddings!

    Weddings are considered one of the biggest celebrations of life. Weddings are a lifetime experience. One would love to go over the top. There are no shortage of options, planners decors, cakes or ideal attire. But there should always be given an additional touch which must be made to one’s wedding. The big and lavish style of any wedding is swoon worthy, but a personal touch goes an extra mile. It resonates with the couple and the people close to them. Here are 7 DIY personalized decor ideas. 1. Do It Yourself Welcoming The Welcome DIY ideas are just the treat to our eyes. We need before witnessing an auspicious…

  • Makeup Artist- Fab Weddings
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    What a bride should look for in her makeup artist?

    Till now you must have decided the venue of the wedding, the wedding photographer the bridal lehenga which you will be wearing, and the jewelry you want to pair with each of the outfits that you are going to wear for your pre-wedding events. Now you have to decide one of the important aspects of any bride-to-be has to decide ie the makeup artist. Here are some important things which you should ask and look for before booking a makeup artist for your wedding. Don’t judge a makeup artist by their Instagram profile (alone) Instagram has made it easier to discover new makeup artists online, but sometimes it can also…

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    Sabyasachi Lehengas for the #tobebride of Sabyasachi

    From Desi girl Priyanka Chopra to Deewani Mastani Deepika Padukone all Bollywood divas trusted Sabyasachi for their wedding lehengas, and every girl fell in love with the bridal look of Anushka Sharma. Sabyasachi Lehengas are a blend of tradition and such mesmerizing details done on it. We choose some of the latest Sabyasachi Lehengas which definitely deserve your attention. Heritage Bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi with simple embroidery work on its broad border with such beautiful detailing to give the royal look to your wedding look. Heritage Bridal Lehenga with such beautiful colors chosen which compliment each other so beautifully and perfectly. Keeping the lehenga simple and light for the brides…

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    10 Craziest Groom Entry Ideas for 2020

    Wedding day is one of the most memorable yet important days of our lives. Getting married to your loved one, in the presence of your family and friends is a day most of us await for. While bridal entries have always been in fashion, here are 10 craziest groom entry ideas for 2020 that are sure to make jaws drop. Here are 10 craziest groom entries in trend- 1. The biker groom What is cooler than making a grand entry on a vintage Royal Enfield or Harley Davidson bike? 2. Landing the adventures way Marriage is a jump to another phase of life, unless you literally want to jump in…

  • Dhwani and Kevin unlockdown wedding
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    India’s 1st Unlockdown Destination Wedding!

    Her smile, when she just walked in, that smile of hers, I was sold on her smile. Kevin When the universe is vouching for you, there is no way you can be stopped! That is exactly what happened in the case of Kevin and Dhwani. Unlock 1 got us witnessing a beautiful unlockdown destination wedding affair! When we hear such stories about how even a pandemic couldn’t keep them apart, it gives us so much hope! Indeed, fairytales are made of these! We’re taking you through their journey to what terms to be India’s 1st Unlockdown Destination Wedding, so, hold on! The Beginning of Forever Corona has got to be…

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    Aesthetic Bridal Toe Ring Designs We Loved!

    Throughout the times, toe rings have been accustomed to many folktales and surely married women wear them as a sign of good health. Even though the jewellery that is worn is visible to shine, toe rings are hidden. Nevertheless, you get to choose the best design for your wedding and find the most precious one for you!We’ve picked the most aesthetic bridal toe ring designs for your wedding day and undoubtedly you should check them out below! Toe ring attached to anklets with rubies in old school gold is how you undoubtedly nail the look! We’re sure that the longer we look, the more obsessed we’re going to get indeed.…

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    Latest collection of Tarun Tahiliani Lehengas for the brides

    Ditching the classic red and golden lehenga for the wedding day why don’t you brides have a look for these colorful and unique designs by Tarun Tahiliani. Tarun Tahiliani lehengas are full of different colors that complement each other beautifully. Here are some of the Tarun Tahiliani lehengas that have our hearts hope you also love them and select one of them for your wedding day. Pastel Pink colored lehengas with banarsi dupatta with it and the skirt has beautiful detailing on it. Pastel colors combined together so beautifully and the sequenced work on the whole lehengas are like a silver lining to the lehenga. Ivory colored lehenga with beautiful…

  • Bridal Lehengas- Fab Weddings
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    Bridal Lehengas that have our heart and are a definite head-turner

    Every Bride wants to look like a royal queen on her wedding. Brides are also experimenting with their bridal lehengas and are trying different colors of lehengas for their D-Day attire. Here are some of the bridal lehengas that we are crushing on and these can also help you to select your D-Day Lehenga and look your best on your special day. With such a beautiful embroidery on the floor-length Kurti style blouse and with light-colored dupatta and skirt to balance the whole look. These Brides break the stereotype by wearing white-colored lehengas and to add color to the look they add a beautiful colored Dupatta. Adding all these bright…

  • Best Bridal Dance Choreographies for sangeet
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    Bridal Dance Choreographies That Are A Cut Above!

    In the light of weddings, we know exactly how important nailing your dance performance really is. If you’re worried about finding a well choreographed performance, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance at these chartbusters instead!Check out the best bridal dance choreographies for your sangeet and moreover find your pick! Uber cool bridesmaids supporting their friend with this fun-filled dance performance that we are so obsessed with! This bride tribe just set the bar a little too high! A beautiful blend of the bridal solo as well as her dance with her friends! Not only do we love the song…

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    Wedding Invites That Are Totally In!

    If you’re ever wanted a wedding invite that is in trend, you just got lucky! They’re all sorts of cool and snazzy and the cutest ones available indeed. We’ve prepared a list of wedding invites that are totally in trend! We love how this wedding invite has small pockets comprising of different ceremonies and functions undoubtedly! It would not only save space (and paper) but also can be customised to your colours and themes! Pop-out 3D invites are so exquisite and yet so minimal! It is evidently a perfect way to bring your excitement to life, literally. These stunning box invites are our personal favourites without a doubt. You can…

  • Indian Grooms- Fab Weddings
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    Most Dashing Indian Grooms we have spotted

    Who said the brides get all the attention, when it comes down to the wedding attire, the groom also gets his due attention too. The Groom definitely got to look his best as the true man of the day. While a classic black tuxedo or suit will never go out of style, many Indian grooms are starting to think out of the box to incorporate Traditional wear for their wedding looks. Here are Indian Grooms that we found rocking their looks with confidence Experimenting with the color for your attire of the D-Day Having a pastel color for the sherwani and safa for the wedding Who says boys can’t rock…

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    Why is it important to hire a planner for your intimate wedding?

    The COVID-19 induced pandemic has changed how things work quite shockingly. And while we are instructed to prepare for ‘living together’ with this virus, social gatherings are out of view. But the couples who were meant to be together are walking the extra mile and tying knots through an intimate wedding. Organizing could seem easier with lesser people, so the idea of wedding planner could be out of your thoughts completely. Here, we bring before you the advantages of having a wedding planner for your intimate wedding. Having a wedding planner is considered to be a luxury earlier. But with changes in thoughts and ideals prompts the present generation to…

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    Haircare For The Bride-To-Be During Lockdown

    Everyone is stuck at home because of this pandemic but it might’ve just turned into a blessing for you! You can finally give more time into self-love and look after not only your skin but also your hair. Especially if your wedding day is around the corner! Take time off to repair the damaged hair and get those long luscious locks indeed! Since we can’t go to salons, here is your best bet. Check out these haircare tips for the bride-to-be and shine like you’re meant to! 1. Hair Oil Routine Treatment We’ve spent most of our childhood with oil in our hair and your mother was right indeed! Hot…

  • Red shade Lipstick- Fab wedding
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    Must have Red shade lipstick for a bride

    Your bridal makeup will be incomplete without the classic red lips to go with your beautiful wedding attire. There are tons and tons of red shade lipstick available but you will want to have the right shade of red that will suit your skin tone as well as your whole look. Red shade lipsticks have been favorite of many brides as it helps in giving them a bold look and yet an elegant look. We shortlisted some of the best shades of red shade lipstick that will look great and have a fabulous texture. Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick – 07 Dynamite Red(₹475) M.A.C Retro Matte…

  • Long Trail Lehengas- Fab Weddings
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    Best long trail lehengas that have us head over heels

    Nowadays the brides are ditching the traditional red lehengas and what and oomph factor to their wedding lehengas. Brides prefer the long trail lehengas for their D-Day as it gives the royal feel and also it keeps the feel of the lehenga traditional also. Here are some long trail lehengas that will help you to look like a queen which you are. Pink lehenga with such an intricate and beautiful design all over the skirt and skirt Panel design red bridal lehenga with heavy embroidery on blouse Red lehenga with a different pattern of embroidery on the skirt and trail of the lehenga Magenta pink colored lehenga with beautiful gold…

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    Minimal Hair Accessories For Your Intimate Wedding!

    Intimate weddings are all about exploring a new and even so, appealing way to do things. While your outfit is important, don’t forget about accessories and especially your hair accessories! For this reason, we’ve curated a list of 30 beautiful minimal hair accessories for your intimate wedding look! Check them out below – 1. Minimal maang-tikka to live up to those intimate wedding vibes, consequently, making this bride look like a dream! Additionally, we love how she is matching the undertones of her intimate wedding look with her maang-tikka! 2. A full matching set with your bridal jewellery! In this case, the bride decides to pair her heavy neckless with…

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    Last minute bridal outfit ideas for your intimate wedding

    As important and auspicious the wedding day is in one’s life, so is the delight of shopping for it. Explore the various designs, models, colors and what not. Then after the selection of bridal outfit the job is only half done. The hunt for matching accessories begins then. The same task has to be performed for all the events of the wedding- from Haldi and Mehendi to the Wedding and Reception. This job is tiresome nevertheless the joy is worth it all. While this COVID-19 induced lockdown has put an indefinite halt to all gatherings and festivities, a few couples are going the extra mile to tie the knot amidst…

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    Quirky and Trendy Latkan Designs that you can totally try for Your Outfits

    Are you all in a search of latkans that can add a quirky factor to your outfit if yes, then we got you covered. These trendy latkan designs are for making every outfit of yours perfect. We have shortlisted some of the trendy latkan designs so that you don’t have to do long hours of research for finding the perfect latkan for your outfit. Customized Latkans with names of the bride and groom This Latkan with tassels and cloth triangles is simple and yet trendy and can add a pop of color to the lehenga Latkan with bird design and lots of pearls is a unique and quirky way to…

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    Candid photos of ‘bride with her brothers’ that we adore!

    Having a sibling is like having a best friend and the worst enemy whom you can never loose. The bond shared by a brother and sister cannot be put in words. From being the best irritator to a shoulder to cry on, partner in crime, secret sharer, and what not. This bond is really special for everyone. Though the fights happen very often, the love and care for each other is undefinable. See how the bride with her brothers pose on her D-Day. Bride with her brothers on Mehendi and Haldi The initial rituals of the wedding, these are filled with fun and joy. Their smiles show their happiness How…

  • south superstar Rana Daggubati's intimate wedding
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    South Superstar Rana Daggubati’s Intimate Wedding

    The south superstar definitely broke a lot of hearts when he proposed to his lady love! What came like a surprise (despite the speculation), quickly turned into us swooning over Miheeka Bajaj and Rana Daggubati’s intimate wedding pictures and just how cute they look together! Soon enough, the lovely pair decided to tie the knot amid this pandemic but their wedding was nothing less than a picture-perfect affair. Miheeka Bajaj is an interior designer based in Hyderabad and they share the same friend circle. That is how the pair grew closer and we witnessed a beautiful wedding! So, let’s go through their journey and see how this good looking couple…

  • Ruffle Sarees- Fab Wedding
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    Most Beautiful Ruffle Sarees to wear to friend’s wedding

    Sarees are a timeless piece of clothing that has been in trend always and with the touch of modernization to it, these timeless pieces have become more modern, elegant and are suitable for every occasion. Ruffle Sarees are in trend right now is perfect for your friend’s wedding as it is easy to carry and also make you look like a diva and add a elegance to your whole look. We have shortlisted some ruffle sarees for you to check and have the outfit ready for your friend’s wedding. Small Embellishments on the whole saree Sequenced bloused with a plain colored ruffled saree Add some drama too your look Having…

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    100 Best Reception Dresses For Brides-To-Be

    After all the functions, comes reception and all eyes will be on you and only you. Reception dresses are exceptionally tough to pick and thus, we’ve picked out 100 best receptions dresses to end your wedding festivities with a bang! 1. Tulle embroidered gown to give you major Cinderella feels indeed. 2. Cut out motif jumpsuit is going to be trendy as well as unique for your reception look! 3. Mermaid ruffled blue gown is clearly the best fit for that body you worked so hard on. 4. Ball gowns giving us major #goals and here is a metallic silver one that will have you shining undoubtedly! 5. If you…

  • bridal entry
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    Most Beautiful, Grand and quirky Bridal Entry Ideas

    Every one has an eye for the bride on her D-Day. For such a special occasion, the bridal entry should be as enjoyable and energetic as the introduction scene of a heroine in a movie. We have gathered a few of the Grand and Quirky Bridal Entry ideas. Whether you are the bride’s cousin or friend or anyone co-ordinating with your wedding planner, this list is a must-see. The traditional ‘Phoolon ki Chadar’ This has always been the conventional bridal entry fashion. If you are a bride who sticks strictly to the orthodox methods, or one who wants to spice it up, here are some offbeat ideas for you. 1.…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Bridal mehndi,  Mehndi Lehenga

    30 Stunning Mehendi Lehenga Ideas

    We see brides getting confused about their Mehendi designs and decorations but we know exactly how tough finding the perfect outfit gets! However, do not worry. We have compiled a list of 30 Mehendi Lehenga ideas so that you look your very best and in trend on your big day! 1. Printed Mehendi Lehenga Brocade printed lehengas are in trend and especially this one with an abstract floral pattern, worn by Diana Penty, is capturing our hearts! 2. Motif Mehendi Lehenga Pastel colours are a hit amongst brides and moreover these motifs are just adding to the whole look. 3. Patchwork Mehendi Lehenga This one is for you if you…

  • Bridal makeup,  Bridal Portraits,  Wedding Photography

    Most Beautiful Bridal Portraits that we love

    A bride is the center of the wedding and everyone waits for her first look at the wedding day. A Bride looks like a princess on her wedding day and without some bridal portraits, the photography session of the wedding cannot be complete. Some jaw-dropping portraits are all that is needed to complete the wedding photography session. You can ask your photographers for your portrait to be done in these poses and have a beautiful memory of the D-Day. Here are some ideas for portraits that you can incorporate in your photography session. Bridal Portraits that we love! The Royal Look These portraits are perfect as these make you look…

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    Essential Skincare Tips For That Bridal Glow

    When it comes to your wedding day, we know you want to look your best. With all the wedding planning and stress, you might forget to take care of your skin but don’t worry! We have put together essentials skincare tips for that bridal glow you want to achieve so keep scrolling! 1. Manage Stress While dealing with all the preparations, stress can be a very prominent part of your life. However, stress makes your face look dull and that is one thing we definitely don’t want! Yoga is not only a great stress buster but it will also help you get in shape. You can meditate and hence spend…

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    20 Cocktail Gowns For Your Wedding

    Without a doubt, cocktail gowns are as important as anything else for your wedding celebrations. They are a great way to switch up and add glam to your night especially! Here is a list of 20 cocktail gowns we cannot stop gushing over and we’re sure you’ll love them as well! 1. Desi Girl Here is something for when you want to go the desi way! Embellished top in addition to a flowy skirt to set the mood right. The cut-out design on this one is stunning without a doubt. 2. Snow White Dreamt of having a white wedding? This is the perfect choice of a white cocktail gown for…

  • Quotes for the wedding invitation
    Latest Trends,  Wedding Invites,  Wedding quotes

    50 Amazing Quotes for the wedding invitation card

    While choosing the wedding cards for the wedding, you can always ask the vendor to add a wedding quote on the wedding card. This not only makes the wedding invitation more personalized but also makes it more engaging and adding fun and romantic quotes to the invitation can be great. We choose some amazing quotes for the wedding invitation which you can choose from: Quotes for the Wedding Invitation: For the one who decided on forever The together forever quote to represent the bond of the groom and bride and that they decided to be each other for forever. The couple who still can’t believe its happening This quote is…

  • Bridal mehndi,  Latest Trends,  Mehendi/Henna,  Weddings

    Trendy Minimal Leg Mehendi designs for brides

    “Minimal is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.” This quote explains minimalism perfectly. The concept of minimalism has gained momentum and will hang on for quite a while. With the concept being applied in almost all aspects of life, brides are choosing it for their Mehendi too, naming them ‘the Minimal Leg Mehendi designs’. If you are a modern bride who wants an unorthodox look, or one who supports the ‘Less is More’ concept, we have gathered a collection of Minimal Leg Mehendi designs which are nothing less than elegant for you to avoid the heavy designs and have fun simultaneously. These are a…

  • Bridal makeup,  Eye Makeup,  Smokey eye

    Most Beautiful Smokey eye looks for brides

    Smokey eye look stands out in eye makeup. With the wide range of shades you can use, this look has gained even more popularity with the gorgeous look smokey eyes give. Bold Black, Glitter, Matte or Gold, anything is perfect when it comes to smokey look. While magic unfolds with the mixing of colours precisely, this is a go-to look for almost all events of the wedding. From Engagement and Haldi to Reception, and not-to-mention photo shoots, brides have been a fan of Smokey eye makeup look. Not-to-mention MUAs have a magical hand to blend them precisely to give you a look to fall for. Smokey eye makeup goes well…

  • Bridal Makeup Kit
    Beauty,  Bridal makeup,  Makeup

    Things to have in your bridal makeup kit

    Once the Pre-wedding rituals are complete and the wedding is also done there will be many post-wedding rituals as well as invitations for dinner, lunch, dawats, and whatnot. You can’t go to the makeup studio or call a makeup artist whenever you have to attend something, you have to be your makeup artist and do the magic with your own hands. To have the perfect makeup and look you have to have all the makeup essentials that have to be added in your bridal makeup kit. We have made a list of all the essentials that you have to add to your bridal makeup kit. For the Face Primer Primer…

  • Bridal makeup,  Natural Makeup,  Smokey eye,  South Indian Bridal makeup

    Minimalist Bridal Look for the Lockdown wedding

    As the Pandemic is going on and with the government guidelines only a 50 person guest list can be prepared. With all this going on you don’t want a heavy makeup look for your wedding day and would want to have a minimalist bridal look especially if it is a day time wedding you would want to have you look that is light and simple. Also with this heat, you wouldn’t want a heavy as it will look cakey, and also there will be a chance of it getting melted. Therefore we have searched some minimalist bridal look for you to check and take the idea for the makeup look…

  • Bridal makeup,  Eye Makeup,  Makeup,  Smokey eye

    15 bridal eye makeup ideas you just can’t miss

    “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” This phrase dates back to the 19th century, meaning beauty doesn’t exist by itself but is is created by the observers. Also, Eyes express exactly what the heart feels. And MUAs are committed as ever to take up different ways to beautify the eyes of their clients. Here is our collection of 15 bridal eye makeup ideas to draw inspiration from. 1. Glittery lids to set fire The spark in the bride’s eyes on her D-Day is unexplainable. Why let the milliseconds gap of blinking go without that sparkle? With glittery eyelids, her eyes are going to shine throughout the wedding- eyes…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Printed Bridal Lehenga,  White Lehenga

    30 White Lehengas To Break Stereotypes!

    Particularly bored of Red lehengas? Surely, this is for all the unorthodox brides! We have come up with a list of 30 white lehengas to not only break the routine but also make you shine like a pearl. 1. Pearl White Lehenga This is particularly for the brides who want to look extra! Exaggerated sleeves and a layered lehenga evidently making a mark. 2. Rose Embroidered Lehenga Show your love for flowers with this lehenga and undoubtedly look elegant while doing so! 3. Heavy Border Lehenga Heavy border on this lehenga is not only adding to the rich look but also making a statement. 4. White and Gold Embroidered That…

  • Dusky Bridal Makeup,  Natural Makeup,  South Indian Bridal makeup

    10 Dusky bridal makeup looks for Indian bride

    Dusky skin tone, also known as sun-kissed, tanned, olive skin is quite common in India, given the generous amount of heat from the sun. While this skin tone is warm, cosy, and sweetly attractive, brides always think they have limited options in terms of makeup. But here we have gathered 10 Dusky Bridal makeup looks to look stunning on your D-Day. 1. Shimmery Bronze Eyes with Winged Liner Bronze or metallic shadow with kohled eyes is a drop-dead-gorgeous combination for Dusky brides. 2. Glittery Pink eyes and Glossy Red Lips This look has all our hearts. With shining pink eyes and bright red lips, get ready to jump into your…

  • 50 Engagement Hairstyles
    Bridal Hairstyle,  Engagement Hairstyle,  Latest Trends,  Weddings

    50 Engagement Hairstyles For Brides-To-Be!

    Engagement is an event where the bride wants to look classy and yet have elegant look which can complement the night and if you have chosen the perfect outfit for your engagement and confused for the hairstyle you should have. Here are 50 engagement hairstyles ideas for you to choose from. These 50 engagement hairstyle ideas are shortlisted after doing lots of research on hairstyles and then put in this article to make your work on hairstyle research less confusing and make it simple. 50 Engagement Hairstyles to choose from! With multiple french braids and a messy braided bun accessorized with white hair accessory is a perfect engagement hairstyle. This…

  • full hand bridal mehndi
    Bridal mehndi,  Mehendi/Henna,  Trendy Full hand mehndi

    Latest 30 Full Hand Mehndi Design for Brides

    Mehndi adorns the hands and life takes on a new color. Mehndi is deep-rooted in the cultural past and the important significance it holds for a bride, we would not compromise on the variations of designs that we are going to put up here and a brief description about the designs. You can totally up to your mehndi game with the latest full hand mehndi designs. It can be simple, authentic, over-the-top and customized. Here is the list of various full hand mehndi designs going in trend. Have a look at all the latest full hand mehndi design with patience because they are going to skip a beat of your…

  • Inter-Cultural,  Real Weddings,  Wedding Planning,  Wedding Venue

    An intimate wedding tale of the ‘Birthday twins’

    From colleagues to being each other’s the ‘one’, this beautiful intimate wedding tale holds many moments of love and caring, of hope and support. Dive into this story where Harsh and Nandini crossed hold-ups together to be ‘together’. “If I could harness and sell his level of energy, I could be a billionaire, but I’d rather be his wife. Every single day I feel a renewed sense of thankfulness that he’s the one that I get to spend all my days with and somehow I love him even more than the day before.” Nandini Jab they met! At an annual office function, Harsh and Nandini met. After formal greetings and…

  • wedding songs
    Bollywood songs,  Haldi/mehndi songs,  Wedding songs

    30 Bridal Solo Sangeet Songs That Are Not Overused

    If you are equally tired of the same songs being played, here is a list of fresh songs that can be used for your bridal solo for your sangeet.Tie your lehengas tightly and moreover get ready to burn up the dance floor with your latkas and jhatkas! The following are 30 bridal solo sangeet songs categorised for your special day, so go ahead and take your pick! Peppy Bollywood Songs 1. Sadi Gali – Tanu Weds Manu Obviously, this song is perfect to bring the house down! With the peppy beats, you can not only dance your heart out but also dedicate this to your husband to be in a…

  • Bridal mehndi,  Featured,  Latest Trends,  Real Weddings,  Weddings

    10 Real Brides’ Mehendi Looks We Are Crushing On!

    Mehendi brings about the feeling of love. Various unique Mehendi designs had left us with our mouths hanging open and in addition to that, now we cannot stop crushing over these stunning Bridal Mehendi looks! Under are 10 Real Brides’ Mehendi looks. They have not only nailed their outfit but also have slayed to the utmost perfection on their Mehendi day. 1. Lockdown Mehendi Real Bride Bhavdeep got married in the lockdown and we are loving her outfit choice without a doubt! The yellow and white colour lehenga with mirror work and embroidery and in particular, her mask. Also, her husband Harkaran drew the Mehendi on one of her hands!…

  • Bridal entry,  Latest Trends,  Phoolon ki chadar,  Weddings

    Top 30 Beautiful ‘Phoolon-ki-Chadar’ Ideas for Bridal Entry

    Father’s little princess turns into a loving queen for her husband’s family, and this event is called a wedding. Isn’t it true? A wedding can be seen as a girl’s promotion to being a women taking care of her family.. And her entry into the wedding is not even the slightest bit insignificant. To help her enjoy her introduction scene by herself while all eyes are on her, we have gathered some trendy ‘Phoolon ki Chadar’ ideas for bridal entry, which are a fusion of modern and tradition. 1. This flower chadar is a garden in itself. The vibrant flowers lit the procession altogether. 2. Marigolds all the way, this…

  • Trendy Photography Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaid Squad
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    Trendy Photography Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaid Squad

    On your big day you want your whole girl gang with and having trendy poses for your pictures is a fun way to remember the fun you all had and always keep that moment with you. With Trendy Photography Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaid Squad, you can choose how you want your gang to be photographed and cherish the moment always. Here are some Trendy Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaid Squad! We find some ideas for you and your girl gang that you all can totally rock and set the squad goals! The color coded squad! When your whole bridesmaid squad has color code dresses for your wedding. Your wedding…

  • yellow bridal lehenga
    Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends,  Printed Bridal Lehenga

    12 Yellow Bridal Lehenga Picks this Wedding Season

    Yellow is a very prominent color amongst Indian weddings and without a doubt, the Haldi function is an important Indian tradition. The pastel colors mixed with a palette of yellow guarantee some beautiful pictures under the sun!We compiled a list of the top 12 yellow bridal lehenga picks this wedding season. Wear these for your wedding or any other function. The following are some trendy outfits to consider for your colorful day. 1. Sunset Yellow Lehenga With Pink Flowers This silk lehenga undoubtedly makes a places in our hearts! 2. Yellow Organza Lehenga Absolutely have a crush on this simple nonetheless colorful embellished organza lehenga! 3. Zardozi Silk Lehenga This…

  • intimate wedding catering
    Food & Drink,  Intimate wedding Catering ideas,  Wedding Catering

    Amazing Catering ideas for an intimate wedding

    “Let us agree to disagree… On food, love and marriage on this promise day.” A genuine quote applies pretty much for any kind of wedding. Our Indian marriages are not just the union of two people but it is a celebration of two families coming together. People in this modern era want to show off their deep pockets and have an extravagant wedding there are also a few folks who want to have a whale of a time at their marriages with just their close family members and friends. Also, it’s best to have intimate wedding catering arrangements in these hard times. The best thing about a budget wedding is…

  • Trendy Floral Braids
    Bridal Hairstyle,  Floral braids,  Mehendi/Henna

    Trendy Floral Braids That Are Perfect For The Mehendi

    Pre-Wedding functions are fun-filled functions where everyone enjoys the fun activities from dancing with cousins to having beautiful Heena designs on hands. Trendy Floral Braids are the go-to hairstyles for the bride to be nowadays. With all fun going on why can’t the fun can be added to hairstyle of the bride with the help of flowers and braids. This can be done with simple braid or with french braids. These kind of hairstyles can be edgy and make the bride to be look effortless and also picture perfect. So, if you are still looking for some trendy and latest hairstyles for mehndi function, now it’s time for you to…

  • Real Weddings,  Wedding Decorations,  Wedding Planning,  Weddings

    Abhinav and Sunakshi – Lockdown Intimate wedding

    ‘Together forever’ in the Lockdown Can you stop the rain? Definitely not. And the same applies to a wedding, When it’s decided, nothing can stop. Not even the lockdown. This point has been proved hard by this lovely couple, who united amidst the lockdown with an Intimate wedding. Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.” And so happened to this couple. While love connected this pair by moving its wand around them, they ended together like magic. Look into this wonderful tale of love that folded out amidst the pandemic cause nothing could stop them. Their cute story With a formal…

  • Bridal Jewelry,  Bridal Kaleera,  Featured,  Latest Trends,  Weddings

    Trendy Bridal Kaleera Ideas

    Every girl has had her dream wedding planned in her head right since when she was a kid. Right from the dress to the colour scheme, from the food to her bridal jewellery, everything is planned out. What was once a common part in North Indian weddings has now become a huge trend amongst all brides. Every day you get to see a new set of designs for your D-Day. Kaleeras are worn by brides as a symbol of good luck and we have compiled the trendy bridal Kaleera ideas for your wedding in particular to make it the most special day! 1. The Floral Kaleera  Floral kaleeras can be…

  • Mehendi/Henna,  Wedding Decorations,  Weddings

    Mehndi Decor Ideas for Lockdown Wedding

    Weddings are the beautiful union of two souls who are waiting to enjoy the elegance and charm of wedlock. But before this magical moment is yet to happen, there are a lot of pre-wedding events organized especially for the couple to enjoy and have fun. One fabulous pre-wedding ceremony is Mehndi. Mehndi is a ceremony that involves skilled mehndi design artists who create designs with Mehdi for all people at the wedding. Here are some ideas for the mehndi decor for lockdown wedding: 1. Use of flowers : Traditional and minimalist The flowers add elegance and a happy vibe to the function and don’t make the whole decoration of the…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends

    Celebrities who gave us major #lehengagoals.

    Our B-town divas have taken it upon themselves to sensationalize the traditional lehenga choli! Recently, some truly gorgeous lehenga designs have emerged on a global platform. Designer Bollywood lehenga choli is a striking amalgamation of glamour, class, and vogue which will give you millions of other reasons to adore the beauty of this outfit. We take a look at some A-list celebrities who gave us major #lehengagoals! From weddings to the latest B-town party, we have curated the trendiest fashion fads! Take inspiration from your favorite fashionistas. Design your own new look! 1. Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra is an actress, philanthropist, and an overall beautiful woman. She is also stylish, as…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends

    Latest Printed Bridal Lehenga inspiration!

    Lehengas are of course the most loving outfit for a traditional occasion, not to mention weddings. They are modern and traditional at the same time. But if you’re tired of carrying those heavily embroidered lehengas around, you have another option. go with these digital printed light-weight lehengas. The digital print accounts for all the lack of thread work, and other embellishments like kundans, sparkling stones; and even count more. So for a wedding reception or engagement, or even the main event itself, you can choose a digital Printed bridal Lehenga and look chic. These have gained a lot of popularity among celebs and civilians alike. While Celebs set a fashion…

  • Bridal makeup,  Wedding Planning

    An intimate yet magical wedding – organized in a week!

    “When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far and nobody can keep them apart” Our gorgeous couple Preeti Khatri and Anshul Chauhan were always meant to be. It was not a question of why, but when. Preeti is a makeup artist by profession and the founder of LuxeBrush. She has arranged scores of weddings, dealt with the bridezilla crisis, and has come out shining at the top. So when the coronavirus crisis hit India, they took a call to get married within a week! A mammoth task indeed! They could not have picked a better time to tie the knot.…

  • Bridal makeup,  Makeup,  Wedding Planning

    Top Bridal Makeup artists in Mumbai under 12k!

    The wedding day is a beautiful fairy tale for everyone. And it as important as ever to look the best on that special day, with all the spectator’s eyes on you. The brides spend a lot of time to choose their outfit, hairstyle, accessories and all. And if you are searching for a good bridal makeup artist in Mumbai, and in a smaller budget, we’ve got you covered. Look at this collection of the top bridal makeup artists in Mumbai under 12K. 1. Saaniya Makeup Artistry Every bride is beautiful. And MUAs know how exactly to enhance and beautify them. The eyes are just fantabulous. The rosy cheeks and the…

  • bridal leg mehndi
    Bridal mehndi,  Mehendi/Henna

    Most Gorgeous and Trendy Bridal Leg mehndi designs!

    Mehndi ceremony is the most loved event of the wedding. With dancing, singing and feasting, it is the perfect time to socialize, get to know each other and enjoy. While this is time for joy, all the women of the family of the bride and groom get their hands painted with henna. We have made a list of the trendiest and most gorgeous Bridal Leg mehndi designs. However, the bride is the first person to be served by the Mehndi artist. You could be decided on the design to apply to your hands beforehand, but brides seldom pay attention to the design on feet and legs. The reason being the…

  • Budget bridal makeup in delhi
    Bridal makeup

    Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi under 12k!

    Are you looking for the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi for the look you’ve always dreamt of? Do you like the subtle, natural look or the heavy eye makeup for all the heads to turn? We bring to you selected top bridal makeup artists in Delhi. Bridal makeup is of utmost importance for your wedding day. It is also important to select the best MUA you can find. The common misconception is that bridal makeup looks are super expensive. You couldn’t be more wrong! We have listed out some of the uber-chic MUA’s which provide the best bridal makeup in Delhi under 12k! Even if you are not in…

  • bridal entry
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    Top all-time favorite 25 bridal entry songs

    If you’re her wedding planner or her goal-oriented cousin or bestie managing her wedding affairs, you have got a responsibility emotionally more worthy than any other chores of the wedding. Throughout her life, you know she’s been looking for a magical entry and fairytale treatment throughout her wedding. So what better way to give her those vibes than infusing the rich music of your times to power her positivity! Her entry is as important as any other event in her wedding. You have to have the right song list to create the right mood. Here’s our list of top all-time favorite 25 bridal entry songs prepared with love for that…

  • Red bridal lehenga
    Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends,  Red Lehenga

    RED Bridal Lehenga spotted on Real Brides

    BRIDES WHO SHOW RED LEHENGA IS A CLASSIC. Trends come and go, but a red bridal lehenga always remains a classic. Red in India is considered holy and is symbolic of purity. Red is also included in very many elements of the wedding including the bridal Chooda and Sindoor. Brides have been wearing Red lehenga since ages, but recently we have seen trends changing. For instance, last year there was burst of Pastel lehengas during the wedding season. Above all, here are a few brides who wore red Lehenga for their wedding. RUFFLED RED This bride chose to wear a classic red lehenga along with. At the hem of the…

  • Latest Trends,  Wedding Decorations,  Wedding Venue

    Wedding venue decoration ideas in Lockdown

    One of the first steps of planning your wedding is selecting a venue—and there are lots to choose from! The uncertain times of COVID-19, the hunt for a wedding venue is even more complicated. When choosing the venue, you’ll need to think about the venue’s location, size, and style to make sure it’s a fit for you and your future spouse’s big day. The wedding venue decoration is another aspect to consider. Do not worry, we got you covered for the wedding venue decoration in lockdown. We have tried to be creative. A wedding will require you to have a look around and see which venues are available. With the…

  • Bridal bun,  Bridal Hairstyle,  Latest Trends

    100+ latest bridal bun ideas

    There are so many things to take care of during a wedding. From the food, the venue, and the outfit, there are numerous things to arrange. Bridal hairdos are one of the most coveted aspects of the bride’s appearance. Why leave the hairstyle behind? Its time to ditch the plain old bun and go for the latest bridal bun ideas. Read on to find varied ideas on how to make the bridal bun interesting. The best bridal bun ideas can spark your own imagination. Experiment around till you get the perfect result. 1. Basic Jasmine round bun. 2. Pink floral bun with golden trinkets. 3. Braided by fairies. 4. Curved…

  • Bridal makeup,  Saree

    Kanjeevaram Saree Inspiration for South Indian Brides

    Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram is a region in Tamil Nadu famous for the production of silk sarees. These sarees are quite popular among women of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. These popular sarees are one of the common choices for weddings and other occasions. For those South Indian brides who are searching for inspiration, have a look at our collection of the royal Kanjeevaram Saree. 1. Golden Bride Can you find something more majestic than Gold? These brides made their wedding a golden tale in these Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees. Gold and Pink, a majestic combination. Gold saree with embroidered golden blouse makes a golden dream come true. A golden Kanjeevaram…

  • bollywood wedding dance song
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    Top 30 songs to dance to on your brother’s wedding!

    It’s totally normal to go all frenzy about your sibling’s wedding.  It is that one event when your whims and wishes are genuine to pursue hence you put your extra ambitious self at work to convince your family in going extravaganza. The glamour, the tacky dresses, the food and an elaborate dancing session where all cousins, aunts, uncles must oath upon participating. All of this thrill because the excitement in you won’t stop spurting.  Dancing to your favorite songs because hey you’re the next king/queen in line and it’s your moment to relish. For that very sense of letting your hair down, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite songs…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends,  Weddings

    Latest 20 Dupatta Draping Styles for Brides

    Lehenga is the most loved outfit for women. This piece of clothing is popular among girls and women alike for festivals and other traditional occasions. Especially for weddings, lehenga is the most-sought outfit. Then, if everyone is in lehenga, how do you stand out? Relax, we have collected the latest 20 dupatta draping styles for lehenga, and be ready to rock the show. 1. One of the cutest styles, place the dupatta neatly pleated on one shoulder, and secure it with a fancy stone-studded waist belt. And look chic. 2. If you have a blouse that is heavily embroidered and you want to show it off, opt for this look.…

  • Beauty,  Latest Trends,  South Indian Bridal Hairstyle

    Latest 25 South-Indian Bridal Hairstyles

    South Indian brides are one-of-a-kind. They give out a royal vibe with their magnificent makeup, graceful outfits and elegant jewellery. Though minimal effort is seen in their make up, without opting for heavy shades, the south indian brides quite effortlessly look charming and beautiful. The hairstyle is one main features that adds to their elegance and so, we have collected a list of the latest 25 South Indian bridal hairstyles. The South Indian brides are neither after heavy make up, nor leaving their hair running free. Tradition shows in their hairstyle too and in jewellery. Their hair is neatly braided, or drawn into a bun and embellished with flowers or…

  • Beauty Tips,  Bridal mask,  Grooming,  Latest Trends

    The new-look of trending bridal masks!

    The coronavirus lockdown has brought most of the world to a halt. It may take a while before things go back to how they were. Many couples have taken the extraordinary decision to get married in the lockdown. This has led to trending bridal masks, as they are a precursor to safety. You can still look chic while sporting a mask. We have combined some exceptional looks for the trending bridal masks. 1. Safety first, no?Matching face masks with your bridal outfits is something really new! 2. The bridal mask is out of this world. A wedding from Assam, India. 3. The couple’s heart warming happiness zapped our hearts. The…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Mehendi/Henna

    25 Latest Mehndi outfits for the bride to be

    Before the actual wedding, there are several rituals in our Indian tradition that are celebrated with pomp. Among the popular ones is the mehndi ceremony. The bride gets to apply henna in intricate patterns on her hand and legs. Like all celebrations, this occasion calls for the perfect mehndi outfits. The dress should easy to manage, fun and fabulous. We’ve compiled some gorgeous looks of brides wearing spectacular mehndi outfits! 1. All the happiness, the radiance, and the tribe’s glam spectacularly overflows from this portrait & seeps right into our hearts! 2. This multi-color lehenga would catch eyeballs at any mehndi ceremony. 3. The offbeat mehndi outfits drenched in a…

  • Bridal Blouse Design,  Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends

    25+ stylish blouse designs for the millennial brides

    The world is evolving, and so should you! Stylish blouse designs are the latest trend which will set you apart. These are creative, fun and a great way to express your fashion choices. You can customize these and pair them with beautiful outfits. For your inspiration, we have picked 20 awesome stylish blouse designs for all the millenial brides out there. 1. Cute crepe ruffles set this blouse apart. 2. Peach blouse with all-over floral motif applique design. 3. High neck blouse with pearl sequin work. 4. Eccentric,colorful and modern blouse. 5. An oval cut backless blouse with heavy sequin work. 6. High waist lehenga with blouse having embroidered motifs…

  • Wedding Music

    30 Punjabi Wedding songs to rock the dance floor

    Punjabi wedding songs have an infectious vibe. They have the ability to make everyone come on the dance floor. People groove to them like there’s no tomorrow! There is something magical about music. Looking for some of the chart busters? Look no further. We’ve compiled the list of 30 Punjabi wedding songs. These will set fire to the dance floor. The songs range from popular Bollywood numbers to singles. Artists such as Diljit and Guru Randhawa are our heartbeat. Read on for the perfect playlist. 1. Munda Apne Viah De Vich A song that still stands strong, even after all these years. 2. Proper Patola The party number that sizzles…

  • Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends,  Saree

    50 Engagement dresses for bride to be.

    In these times of Covid-19, it may be harder than usual to go to your favorite mall and try on your engagement dresses. Besides, even in a store, there may be an enormous variety. A saree or a lehenga are both excellent picks for engagement dresses. We’ve looked at tons of outfits online. Here is the collection of our choicest garments. Start looking at these gorgeous sarees. Keep scrolling to find some amazing inspirations for lehengas. Your dream engagement dresses await. 1. Royal Blue silk saree with golden borders and patterns. 2. A more metallic shade of maroon is simply enchanting. 3. The golden in this saree gives off a…

  • colourful lehenga
    Bridal Lehenga,  Latest Trends

    Latest Offbeat lehengas for the bold brides

    Fashion is self-expression. Fashion is creativity. In these ever-changing times, its time to ramp up your outfits. We’ve looked at some quirky offbeat lehengas that would be a hoot at your wedding. Take these inspirations and make the outfit your own. Don’t just think outside the box, make your very own fashion statement with these offbeat lehengas. 1. Camouflage print These camouflage printed cloth textures can inspire the most innovative yet stylish lehenga. 2. Multi-colored lehenga with sequins This multi-colored vibrant lehenga brings out your brightest persona. 3. Sunshine yellow lehenga This radiant lehenga reminds us of the wildflowers that bloom in summer. Wild yet beautiful. 4. Silk lehenga This…

  • featured image
    Bridal Blouse Design

    23+ Sexy Backless Blouse Designs for the bride to be

    “Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on”. Don’t just flaunt that lehenga, beat the heat at the same time! Sexy backless blouse designs will always be in trend. The possibilities of pairing that perfect blouse with your choice of sarees, lehenga’s and skirts are endless. Look no further, for we have curated this collection for the would-be brides. Read on to find some of the best sexy backless blouse designs we’ve come across for the bride to be. In conclusion,these are sure to elevate your outfit to the next level. 1.Embroidered blouse for a chic look. This blouse screams elegant, royal and fancy. In addition,string tied backless blouse with…

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    Wedding Decorations

    Top 50 Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

    We are here to solve your woes with our curated collection of the 50 best wedding stage decoration instances we’ve come across. To begin with, scroll on to see your dream wedding come alive on the stage. From elegant and modern themes to the old classic, we’ve covered everyone.Read on for the best wedding stage decoration ideas. It can be extremely daunting to plan the perfect wedding, with so many things to take care of. In most cases, the primary concern is the decoration for the entire evenings as all future photographs depend upon getting the decor just right. So ease out your worries, because we are here to make…

  • Bridal Mehndi

    Top 50+ Finger Mehendi Designs

    Just like all wedding-related decisions, choosing the perfect mehendi design for yourself can be an arduous task. And if you decide to take some inspiration from the internet, you would inevitably find yourself lost in a maze of thousands of mehendi designs which will surely confuse you more than before. And that is why we have decided to help you in choosing the right mehendi design to complete your wedding look. Finger Mehendi is gaining popularity because they look effortlessly beautiful and offer a wide range of designs that vary from elegant and minimalistic to intricate and extravagant. Here is a list of trendy top 50+ Finger Mehendi Designs to…

  • Intimate Weddings, Future of wedding. Bride & groom in mask
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    The Future of Weddings

    The Corona epidemic has shaken the conscience of the world in a way no one could have imagined. Lives have changed drastically around the globe and its only obvious that weddings would transform too as and when they make a comeback. Today we are going to focus on Fab Weddings’ take on the future of Indian weddings in the next 18-20 months. We are happy to stick neck out as we have utilized the lockdown to deeply engage with hundreds of brides and hundreds of vendor partners across the country. These views are a thoughtful gist of our discussion with these critical stakeholders. Indian weddings have been the benchmark of…

  • Budget Friendly Venue in Delhi
    Wedding Venue

    Budget-Friendly Venues in North Delhi

    In today’s time when everyone is busy in the hustle-bustle of their work, a peaceful marriage is what most couples desire. Getting married away from the city and finding locations can be tedious. But we make your task easy. Here are some Budget Friendly options for couples who like to stay amidst serenity but on a budget. Being on a budget doesn’t only mean cheap. You can choose beautiful locations even in a constrained budget. B2 Banquet(Wazirpur) Situated on the Lawrence Road, North Delhi, B2 Banquet is a pure vegetarian banquet loved by the locals. The B2 Banquet Hall is huge with a capacity of around 1200, helping a number…

  • assamese bride with mask
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    Assamese Bride slays with her face mask design

    The outbreak of coronavirus has taken a toll human lives around the world. Though the ongoing situation has pushed back several wedding plans, a bride in Assam who recently got married is trending online because of her chic wedding face mask.  The bride was seen wearing a handcrafted, silk handloom face mask and the groom was wearing a matching mask during the wedding ceremony. The embellished silk handloom mask matched her bridal attire and looked stunning for an accessory that is largely detested by brides. Designed by Nandini Borkakati, who owns a boutique in Guwahati, the handloom silk mask has received love across the country for its novelty & beauty.…

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    Planning a classy at-home wedding event

    Many weddings are being rescheduled or being scaled down due to movement restrictions imposed by the government due to Corona Virus epidemic. Many couples are going for intimate weddings at their houses or rented private residence/farmhouses to comply with government regulations of not having more than 50 guests. (All the details of the regulations can be found here) While we know it's not the best way to celebrate the biggest day of your life; adapting to the times we live in is the key. To make your job easier, we have pulled in all the resources you need to organise an intimate wedding at your place.

  • Wedding Dance Performance
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    10+ bridesmaids dance performances you can inspire from for your BFF’s wedding

    Remember Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? And, the scene when she receives a wedding invitation basket from her best friend Aditi! Did that scene ring a bell in your heart and you start desperately waiting  one of your besties to get married as soon as possible. So, assuming that it’s all true and your Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani best friend moment comes to reality, all you beautiful girls from the bridesmaid team got to brace yourself and own the stage on the Sangeet ceremony and set it on fire. Does it sound like this is a lot to handle? Do not worry, as we have curated a list of bridesmaids dance performances that you can…

  • Intercultural wedding
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    Sushant & Meghna: A couple to behold & cherish

    Given their distinct cultures; Kashmiri (Meghna) & Punjabi (Sushant) cultures they had to walk the tight rope; upholding traditions and family sentiments in equal fervour during the wedding ceremonies. The couple & the families were quite clear, they wanted the wedding celebrations to be luxurious and opulent; offering memories of a lifetime to the families and guests.

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    Styling: Post lockdown Wardrobe

    Whether we like it or not, COVID 19 is going to impact wardrobes all around the world and designers everywhere are bracing up for this transformation. Today, we focus on Limerick by Abir & Nanki; their innovative collection of masks make a compelling case for being a part of your post lockdown attire. While safety is paramount; style doesn’t have to be a necessary casualty as we prep-up for the post lockdown stylebook. Undoubtedly, social distancing & personal hygiene shall remain the saviours from COVID-19 in the next 12-18 months at least. So, we better gear up to a new range of accessories that will become a part of our…

  • Minimalist Bride
    Beauty Tips

    Skin Care for the minimalist bride

    First & foremost; learn to love your skin. So if you have freckles, beauty marks, natural discolouration, or a dark complexion, own it, it’s you and it’s beautiful. So focused on the things that you can change and not on the things that you can’t. Skincare is about enhancing what you have and not about hiding what’s there. All of us aspire for great skin with a clear complexion and are willing to spend a great deal of time and money in trying to achieve it. I think a lot of the times we end up looking for this complicated solution because in our minds’ getting a clear skin complexion…

  • Actress Tanaya Gupta & Husband Suraj

    TV Actress Tanaya’s cute anniversary date amidst quarantine

    After a spectacular wedding with her beau, Suraj last year, Tanaya was really excited about her first anniversary, but the quarantine period came in the way. While Suraj wanted to discharge his duty as a citizen, he couldn’t let this special day go without putting a smile on his girl’s face. Here is a romantic account of how Suraj surprised Tanaya with his ingenuity and love. With her eyes covered and heart beating fast in anticipation of what is in store on this super special day, Tanaya made her way to the roof of their apartment. What waited was extremely special in the form of a beautifully lit up basket…

  • Deepali Sumer
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    Deepali & Sumer’s ensemble of grace & awesome performances

    "I always wanted a fairytale wedding and that's exactly how it turned out to be. We got engaged under the tree of love and since childhood, I had Pinterest screenshots of an exactly similar scene in my head. Our colour theme was golden, white and black, beautiful and bling. We were clear that we wanted the engagement to be inclined towards the modern side and wanted this to be more like a party. Both I and my fiancé are big-time party animals and that can be evidently seen in the videos I’ve shared with 100 of our friends hooting for us.

  • Jaisel the Amazing Fab Weddings Bride
    Real Weddings

    A royal wedding in the lap of Rajasthan

    Come take a look at this awesome Marwari Wedding from Rajasthan. It had to be luxurious and royal but modern & chic at the same time. Attention to details was needed and the entire tribe just came together in an awesome fashion. Ranakpur was an awesome place with its royal facade and the entire wedding planning team made sure all our dreams came to life. "The backdrop of the Varmala stage blending perfectly with the floral stage. The ambience of the pheras was laden with natural flowers all around, with the mandap itself placed right in the middle of the small pond. It was just perfect, a fabulous celebration of…

  • Wedding Planning from home. Unmarried couple. Soon to be married.
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    5 things to keep your courtship awesome amidst lockdown

    Courtship is a special time in a couple’s life. The excitement about the prospects of a long, happy life together binds the couple in unparalleled joy. As Corona Virus has brought the weddings to a grinding halt the world over; courtships period for most couples is certain to extend. We wonder what could enable you to make the most of it in these difficult times. Here is a small piece of advice.

  • kundan maangtikkas
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    20+ Maang Tikka Ideas For The Millennial Bride!

    Millennial brides surely love to go all out and for the same reason, we’ve picked the best 20+ Maang Tikka Ideas! You can pair it with a heavy nath and look like a million bucks indeed. We know your look is going to be incomplete without a beautiful maang tikka so we have prepared a list with the very best to choose from! Be it a heavy or minimalistic, we have tons of options for you to bookmark. Look below to find 20+ Maang Tikka Ideas for your wedding! 1. This heavy maang tikka is the perfect way to amp up your look surely! With kundan and pearls, it sums…