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Top 5 Skin Care and Beauty Tips for Brides to Be

An effective skin care routine becomes essential to follow before the wedding. We are bombarded with harmful makeup and pollution around us that makes taking care of our skin a mandatory step to follow. These days, every bride follows a skincare regime to bring that extra glow on their face.

We are here to tell you exactly that, a skincare routine that you should start to follow at least a month before your big day. So, here it goes

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#1 Make Exfoliating your best friend

Exfoliate your skin daily to remove all the dead cells and bring that extra shine. Removing dead cells is necessary as your skin tends to look dull. Exfoliating will ensure that these dead cells are removed resulting in fresher look and vibrant skin. Use a mild exfoliate that doesn’t harm your skin, using a harsh one might cause redness and dry skin.

#2 Avoid Mr. Sun with SPF

Don’t avoid taking care of your skin in the harsh sun. Whenever you step out, wear an SPF. This step is necessary so that your skin doesn’t get tanned before your wedding. This is obvious that you will be in sun for a long time for all the shopping stuff. There is a lot of shopping hassle that goes while the wedding is near. To ensure that sun’s heat won’t harm you, use an SPF daily.

#3 Green Tea do wonders

Start having green tea twice a day before your wedding. It is no doubt that drinking green tea daily not only aids in weight loss but also brightens up the skin. It is a great antioxidant and helps in reducing acne as well. If you are aiming to shed some pounds before your wedding, drink green tea along with some exercise daily.

#4 Don’t forget Moisturizing

To get that smooth and softer looking skin, moisturizing it daily becomes essential. Use a nourishing moisturizer all over your body after taking a shower to avoid dry skin and irritations. Look for moisturizers which have vitamin E in them to get the maximum benefit out of it. The daily usage of moisturizer helps in locking out all the water and moisture into the skin so that you look nourished throughout your wedding party.

#5 Don’t discriminate your hands

Never ignore your hands while starting a skincare regimen before your wedding day. Do massage your hands and nails daily with almond oil to get super smooth and soft hands. Also, use an exfoliator on your hands followed by a moisturizer to ensure your hands doesn’t look flaky and dry. You can do the same things on your legs as well.

#Bonus tip – Say good night to your SKIN also,

Wear a night creme and under eye cream daily to get a fresh look every morning you wake up. This step is necessary in order to bring natural glow on your face. Night cream repair your skin in the night while you are sleeping, bringing out natural beauty on your face. Under-eye cream should be applied daily to avoid any darkness around your eyes and prevent eye-bags. No one likes to have puffy eyes on their wedding, right?

Don’t let skin problems to hold you from your Big Day! Adopt these few steps and look the best on your Wedding Day and make your partner go drooling on the wedding night.

Good luck!

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