POV; You are about to get engaged and trying to find the most ideal engagement ring platters, and we managed to steer you to this page with everything covered!  Engagement ring trays have become a new trend nowadays and look beautiful with any decor.

Whether modern or simple, every tray has its unique feel. With so many trends everywhere, choosing one can be difficult, which is why we have a few recommendations for you

1. Flower Engagement Ring Platter

A flower engagement ring platter will never be out of style. On the inside and outside, they portray an enchanting image. With flowers and strings, this platter can be the perfect accompaniment for your Big Day. These flowers and names can be customized and also can easily be substituted with authentic ones. It’s your call how you want it to be

Top engagement ring platters
Source – Fabweddings

2. Cage shaped engagement platter

Cage-style engagement platters that feature golden tones are visually appealing and can be customized based on the theme. The platter features a gold fabric base with sparkling flowers and a cage around the rings that makes it a stunning piece of decor. Pearls are sewed into the centers of the flowers on this tray, making it look 10 times better.     

You can also choose customized names for yourself and your partner as it will be a plus-plus to this platter

Cage shape engagement ring tray
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3. Engagement platter covered with flowers and wooden strings

This platter is covered with flowers and wooden strings that are suitable for spring and summer weddings. On this platter, you can include hashtags and monograms to customize the look. You can replace the flowers with the original ones and add flowers according to your needs. In addition to adding a spring feeling to your wedding, it can also make your engagement stand out. 

Flower engagement ring platter
Image by – fabweddings
Flower engagement ring platter
Source – Fabweddings

4. Customized flower and color theme tray

 For those who want to personalize their engagement tray with the colors of their choice, this engagement tray is a suitable choice. This is because they can add the tones they desire. This mirror base centerpiece is decorated with white pearls and green leaves, leaving a lasting impression at your event.

As this platter will be used to hold your rings, it can be engraved with the first initial of your name or ring-shaped symmetrical monograms as this platter will be yours. The box to keep the rings will be attached to the center of the platter. 

creative engagement ring tray
Source – Fabweddigs

5. Wooden Engraved Engagement Ring Platter

Be it finding engagement rings or engagement platters, both can be difficult if you have no idea what to select. This engraved wooden engagement ring tray with you and your partner’s initials is worth a penny! The design is subtle to glance at and magnificent in every way. As long as you and your fiance don’t enjoy decorated and colored pieces, we believe this is the perfect option for you to opt for! 

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How to customize engagement platters?

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