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    Best Bridal Makeup artists in Bangalore under 12k!

    The most important day for a woman is the day she gets married. She has to look the most beautiful bride that day! But if one doesn’t want to spend a fortune on bridal makeup, this surely doesn’t mean that the bride doesn’t deserve an amazing makeup artist to make her look flawless. We bring to you our most trusted bridal makeup artists in Bangalore under 12k for your D-Day! 1. Priya Harsha If you’re looking for a subtle and still on point makeup, we suggest Priya Harsha’s work. She is the most sought after names in Bangalore. 2. Salma Sajjad Salma Sajjad is a Certified Makeup Artist and is…

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    What a bride should look for in her makeup artist?

    Till now you must have decided the venue of the wedding, the wedding photographer the bridal lehenga which you will be wearing, and the jewelry you want to pair with each of the outfits that you are going to wear for your pre-wedding events. Now you have to decide one of the important aspects of any bride-to-be has to decide ie the makeup artist. Here are some important things which you should ask and look for before booking a makeup artist for your wedding. Don’t judge a makeup artist by their Instagram profile (alone) Instagram has made it easier to discover new makeup artists online, but sometimes it can also…

  • Bridal Makeup Kit
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    Things to have in your bridal makeup kit

    Once the Pre-wedding rituals are complete and the wedding is also done there will be many post-wedding rituals as well as invitations for dinner, lunch, dawats, and whatnot. You can’t go to the makeup studio or call a makeup artist whenever you have to attend something, you have to be your makeup artist and do the magic with your own hands. To have the perfect makeup and look you have to have all the makeup essentials that have to be added in your bridal makeup kit. We have made a list of all the essentials that you have to add to your bridal makeup kit. For the Face Primer Primer…

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    Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi under 12k!

    Are you looking for the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi for the look you’ve always dreamt of? Do you like the subtle, natural look or the heavy eye makeup for all the heads to turn? We bring to you selected top bridal makeup artists in Delhi. Bridal makeup is of utmost importance for your wedding day. It is also important to select the best MUA you can find. The common misconception is that bridal makeup looks are super expensive. You couldn’t be more wrong! We have listed out some of the uber-chic MUA’s which provide the best bridal makeup in Delhi under 12k! Even if you are not in…

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    Bridal makeup

    18 Absolutely Stunning Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides

    If you ever sat down with a bride-to-be you will learn about her dreams and wishes for her bridal look. Bridal makeup plays a very important role in shaping the wedding look of any girl’s dreams. We understand it well that amidst all the chaos and confusion you cannot afford to miss the essentials. To help you get that perfect look, we have curated some tips for bridal makeup on your big day! The bridal makeup should match the wedding attire like for pastel lehenga shades one should go for nudes and shimmer. So, make sure you pack your makeup kit accordingly.  The venue/location must be considered before finalizing your…