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As it is aptly said, “Love has no season, it can transcend everything”. It’s an arduous task proposing the love of your life. We all become numb and our brain freezes when it comes to sharing our beautiful little world with our significant other. Well, that’s not a big deal because we have come up with some exceptionally new wedding proposal ideas which will surely help you to win this big fight. Now, just go and brace yourselves for this lifelong battle.

We all have felt, butterflies in our stomach when it comes to saying those pesky little feelings to our crush. But at that time we were so tiny and immature that we didn’t really know what do these things really mean? But now, we are mature enough to let people enter into our tiny dream world and it’s really the time to let those guards down because at the end of the day we all need someone to share those cute little life moments. And, yes to engage in a constant battle too.

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Isn’t this pose makes a proposal more romantic?

Running out of ideas to propose your beau? Here are some of the unconventional romantic wedding proposals ideas from which you can take inspiration and can successfully win the heart of your mon amour.

1. Bibliophiles????

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” We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows opens and the stars bright”.

A Moveable Feast- Ernest Hemingway

The library is an awesome place to tell about your feelings to the love of your life. Just accompany your beau to a nearby library, read some books together and meanwhile tell him or her that you have decided to share your life with your significant other. Just make sure, your partner is a sapiosexual. Jokes aside, no one is likely to expect a proposal at such an unusual place.

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2. What about underwater proposal?

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An underwater proposal is too deep to even start with (No pun intended). It will surely make your beau be head over heels in love with you. Just make sure to accompany some decent professional photographers. You will definitely like to capture this precious moment. Won’t you? Just follow the safety precautions and mandatory guidelines and you are all set.

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3. Proposal from the high altitude

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I don’t want to sound like an oxymoron person because earlier I mentioned proposing underwater and now this but summer is at its peak now and this is the perfect time to visit popular hilly areas such as Manali and Pahalgam. It will sound like a dream to propose someone in such an unconventional manner. Try this idea and your partner will surely feel like they are on top of the world. Proposing someone in the ropeway or in a hot air balloon is definitely a unique idea. But it can be heavy on your pocket. Make sure not to have a shoestring budget.

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4. At an exotic place

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Even the name Venice sounds too charismatic and passionate. Proposing your future better half in an exotic place is like a fairy tale proposal. We all dream to live in a fairytale world of fantasy. Here is your chance to relive those moments. An exotic location adds extra charm to your proposal. It works like a magic. An exotic place doesn’t need to be a typical European city but it can be anything where you can feel delightful. Even a breathtaking unexplored beach will act as a cherry on the cake.

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A candle light dinner is totally worth it. Especially for voracious eaters.
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5. Proposal in the rain like some rom-com movie.

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The idea of proposing in the rain has been hijacked by the movies since the bygone. It is seriously free of cost. Just you should be intelligent enough to take advantage of nature’s fall. Proposal in the rain sounds too cheesy but at the end of the day, it is free of cost, inexpensive and doesn’t require too much of your efforts. It’s a hassle-free proposal. you just need good chemistry and compatibility to make this work. And maybe one professional photographer too.

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6. In a jungle Safari

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Proposing someone in the middle of a jungle safari or in a national park in the middle of animals, this very idea sounds too unusual but who cares about time and distance when it comes to love. Love is spontaneous. As, a wise person said, “Everything is fair in love and war”. Just ensure your safety. There is a plethora of safari nights and travel options available. Just a click is required to discover those obscure places and national parks.

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7. Long Distance Proposal

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Well, I guess it’s high time now to address the elephant in the room. As we are in the middle of the pandemic and unfortunately there are times where we need to think twice about doing any task which can affect others lives. And we all are trapped in our houses now, unfortunately without our partners. It’s taking too much of our energy even to do the simplest of tasks. But we really do not need to get disappointed because we are in the era of Nano-bots and flying cars. (Yes, I am hoping for a time-travelling machine too). We are just one call away from our partner. Only one click can connect us to our beau. Long-distance proposals especially nowadays are totally worth it. It’s a romantic idea that has become a part of fad culture now.

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8. By hiring Professional band or singers

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Isn’t it so romantic getting a proposal with someone singing your favorite song in the backdrop? Hiring a professional singer or a band will likely to increase your partner’s chances of saying, “Yes” by the order of several magnitude.

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A cheerful choir or a band will add extra charm to your love. Hearing them will be soothing and soulful. Heart touching, isn’t it?

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9. A handwritten note

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It is a wonderful experience to pen down a beautiful and intimate handwritten note for your significant other. Handwritten notes can be preserved for years as a token of memories. It doesn’t cost much and one can vent down all of their feelings and emotions in a letter. Easiest way to propose someone, like a cake walk especially for shy and introvert people.

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10. Through pet animals

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I can bet this will be a very emotional movement when you’ll see your pets acting as harbingers by bringing you a proposal from your partner.

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These cuties are enough to melt anyone’s heart.

In this season of love, don’t wait for a second opinion and don’t make false scenarios in your head, just go and shoot your shot. It’s never too late to propose your bae.

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