Planning a classy at-home wedding event

Many weddings are being rescheduled or scaled-down due to movement restrictions imposed by the government due to Corona Virus epidemic. Many couples are going for intimate weddings at their houses or rented private residence/farmhouses to comply with government regulations of not having more than 50 guests. (Find all the details here) While we know it’s not the best way to celebrate the biggest day of your life; adapting to the times we live in is the key. To make your job easier, we have pulled in all the resources you need to organise an intimate wedding at your place.


Sharing physical invites is undoubtedly an unsafe and challenging choice in these uncertain times. Not only would it be tricky but also risky for your family and the guests itself. At Fab Weddings, our large team of designers & partner video editors would love to help you in case you don’t have a vendor. Drop us a line at or DM us on our Instagram handle here, and we can set the ball rolling. You can also call our concierge at +91-9016540186 for any help you need.


Flowers & lights are your best bet in these times and also useful in supporting electricians, florist and farmers who represent one of the weakest economic segment in the country. Apart from the positive karma; flower & lighting decor will get you classy and positive vibes in the intimate setting. We have pulled together some exciting ideas that you can use to make your home look wedding-ready. Please feel free to reach out to Fab Weddings’ Decor & Wedding Team at +91-9016540186 or DM us on our Instagram handle here for any help you need.

The photographer

An intimate wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t capture your most precious moments. Given the small timeframe and scope of work, you can now afford an excellent photographer. You could stress upon candid photography, a short behind the scenes video combined with a brief trailer that will be awesome to showcase on social media and share the happiness with your loved ones digitally. At Fab Weddings, we have come up with some offerings like wedding magazine and wedding blogs that can make your unique wedding story go viral. Please check out the following photographers in your city or call us at +91-9016540186 to set things up for you.

Bridal Makeup

Large scale or not, you are going to dress up a bride just once, and in our opinion, you should get the look you always desired. Bridal makeup is one thing that you don’t have to compromise due to the corona epidemic. We would advise you to go for HD makeup given that an intimate wedding in these times will happen during the day and the weather demands a durable HD foundation to help you keep looking beautiful throughout the day. You can call us at +91-9016540186 to help you book the best makeup artists in your city and budget, or you can find out the best makeup artists available in your town & budget here. We would strongly advise getting dressed up at a salon at these times given the importance of the social distancing aspect.

Food & Favours

Thankfully most restaurants are continuing to deliver delicious food through partners like Zomato & Swiggy. We recommend that you focus on ordering snack boxes and thalis for guests to ensure hygiene and social distancing. While small buffet setups are also possible, it’s critical to establish that the caterers are screening staff and ingredients carefully. Also, the usage of eco-friendly disposable cutlery is the best alternative in these times. For favours, we recommend switching to milk-based sweets, chocolates & fruits as these are easy to arrange in any neighbourhood. Feel free to reach out to our concierge at +91-9016540186 for any help you need.

Make it a fun event and cheer the entire family up by a range of dance performances. We have shortlisted some of the best wedding dance tutorials in this post. Check it out!


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