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Belly workout-key to rock your lehenga!

Isn’t that your dream to look the best on your wedding day? Getting the choli of your dreams is just one step of the process, the lehenga is another story in itself.  Reducing belly fat is an issue for so many people. When one thinks of weight reduction, one of the first things that come […]

Exercises To Get That Toned Body For Your D-Day!

Your wedding planning is in full swings and of course, we know that you can’t be happier! Planning causes a great amount of stress and often we don’t get enough time to go to the gym. Though, this lockdown has been a great blessing because now you get to focus on your body and get […]

Essential Skincare Tips For That Bridal Glow

When it comes to your wedding day, we know you want to look your best. With all the wedding planning and stress, you might forget to take care of your skin but don’t worry! We have put together essentials skincare tips for that bridal glow you want to achieve so keep scrolling! 1. Manage Stress […]

Fit Celebrity Moms: Each of them Walked the Extra Mile

We hear several stories of Indian women who haven’t let go of their youthful vigor, vitality, and gorgeousness, despite motherhood. We at Fabfit researched about celebrity moms who continued to be extra gorgeous even after a demanding motherhood. They chose to live healthy and fit. Here are some of the few fit celebrity moms. Fit […]

Yoga for Menopause: Six Highly Effective Yoga Postures

Menopause is an inevitable truth of life and a part of aging gracefully. But this phase is often accompanied with pain, discomfort, mood swings hot flauhes, and other hormonal changes. Modern medicine or functional medicine, no matter what you resort you, Yoga wins the battle of the best when it comes to tackling issues like […]

PCOD: Problem & Solution

Sudden weight-gain, acne around chin and lips, unwanted hormonal hair-growth are some common preliminary symptoms that you may have to get yourself tested for PCOD. It is estimated that approximately 18% of women in India between the age of 12-45 suffer from PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease [1]. The condition is caused by hormonal imbalance. […]

A Seven-Year-Old Eastern Yoga Prodigy

Ancient or traditional knowledge has aspects that are capable of revolutionising all segments of life, including health and fitness. Thinking of this, procedures like yoga, Ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, meditation come to mind. While adults may practice ancient arts for various reasons like fitness, social acceptability, health, among others, children too follow suit! Similar example came […]