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Pilates or Yoga: The Burning Question Answered

Pilates or Yoga: The Burning Question Answered

Yoga and Pilates are two fitness options which are quite a rage today. But which of the two would suit better? Knowing the essential difference between the two will help you make a better choice. While both these workouts address flexibility and weight-loss, yet how is one different from the other? Although both forms are well-established and proven forms of fitness, they can be differentiated based on their ultimate goals and the needs or preferences of the practitioner.

The 5,000-year-old science of Yoga is fixed in the mindful frame of well-being, whereas Pilate, the 1920s art form incorporates machine workout to lend it a more strength training module like appearance.

Let us look at these art forms based on some basic pointers:


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Point of Concern

Yoga – The Absolute Work-in Pilates- The Core Focused Regime


Originated from the Indian scriptures, Yoga is a 5,000-year-old science and traveled all across the world for its far-reaching benefits. Introduced by John Pilates in 1920 to rehabilitate the injured soldiers of the war. The art form focuses on physical conditioning with a great deal of core work.

The Three Elements

Yoga uses all the three elements, mind, body and soul to achieve wholeness. The spiritual inclination and usage of energy-focused movements lends it the enticing approach. Pilates use only the mind and body coordination and leaves aside the spirit element. The movements are focused on assisting everyday chores.

Flexibility or Strength

Yoga is dominated by stretching and flexibility postures that target the organs’ & joint wellness instead of just exterior appeal. Pilates are fixated on core wellness and strength. The machine workout looks like a replica of the gym. Arms, thighs, core, back, the whole body is strengthened.

What to expect in a class

With lakhs of postures, a yoga class can be designed as per the theme, style and level of the practitioners. There is a lot of scope of innovation and modifications. Pilates are limited and a more structured form of a regime. Certain disciplined moves are used to solve the ultimate goal.

Breath work

Yoga focuses on conscious and correct breathing techniques ingrained in the poses. A simple flow of breath is maintained.

Calories burn

One hour of yoga class ranges from 250 to 650 calories based on the style of yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin). One hour of Pilates burn up to 250 -500 calories based on the level of the practitioner.

1_zps654f3595Pilates or Yoga: What to choose?

In order to make the best decision for yourself, we advise you to take up a trial session for both and weigh for yourself. On the other hand, both form uses breath and focuses on overall wellness. Although, if you are looking for inner growth and a deeper connection to self along with unraveling the mysteries of the spiritual, you know, Yoga is your answer. If fitness, strength and long, lean & toned body entice you, Pilates are your best bet.
Quick Tip: A combination of the two during the week can offer encouraging results!
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