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Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar take vows in a Christian Wedding

Farhan Akhtar and Shibani's Christian wedding

Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar’s wedding shots went online and we are in awe. They pledged on forever in a Christian Wedding with their close friends and family. The internet is flooded with their precious candids, we couldn’t resist but treasure how beauteous they looked! Mehendi with the Akhtars Mehendi functions are all delight and […]

Book a Wedding Photographer through Fab Weddings

vikrant massey wedding

If you are tying the knot anytime soon, and have a huge to-do list for the wedding preparations. And struggling to book a skillful photographer who could make incredible remembering for you by creating an album, then you landed on the right page! Read the blog to know how can you book a wedding photographer […]

Candids from Kat Vick wedding that we are drooling over

The social media has been flooded with the pictures from the VICKAT wedding and we can not stop drooling over them. The pictures itself radiates the feeling of love, warmth and happiness. The newly weds look absolutely stunning in every picture. All of social media is just talking about how cute the two of them […]

#fabpicks Brides and Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are brides closest friends or acquaintance that are usually responsible to lower the stress level caused by hectic and mundane wedding ceremonies. Well, that was a joke. Everything becomes worthy and joyous when we are with our friends. Friends are our lifelines. Wedding too becomes extra special with close friends and acquaintances. They set […]

Bachelorette party ideas for the bride to be

Well, gone are the times while brides together along with her pals desired to visit a few fancy clubs for their bachelorette party, which I agree isn’t always the proper concept to have fun the massive night before the wedding. Now is the time to do being unique,  being different to have fun on your huge night. There are […]

Cake ideas for the bachelorette party

Depending on the type of bachelorette celebration you throw, the cake should match the theme. Cakes are not an important part of the traditional bachelorette party, but they are a way to make the party more amusing and festive. Plus, pretty much everybody loves cake. So, on the last day of your best friend’s single […]

Top places in Delhi for your Bachelorette cake!

Are you searching for a bachelorette cake store in Delhi? Well, Delhi never disappoints! Check out these amazing custom-made bachelorette cakes. The sugar cube Do visit their store at this address- 325 A, Masjid Moth road, South Extension, Block A, South Extension II, New Delhi 110049. To get your customized bachelorette cake go to The […]

Brides who chose off-beat outfits for their mehndi!

Indian wedding

Mehendi ceremony is celebrated one day before the wedding. It is usually a social and family get-together where all the distant friends and cousins sit together and enjoy. Mehendi or henna is a paste that is applied in the hands of the bride and is associated and considered as a metaphor for positive spirit and […]

50 candid moments captured of Bride-Groom

Candid photography has been an all time favorite among people, especially when it comes to Indian Weddings. Whether be it a ‘real candid’ or a ‘posed’ one, candid photography are a must for every Bride-Groom. From mehndi, engagement to the final day, here are 50 candid moments of Bride and Groom we love! 1. A […]

20+ adorable Bride-Mom photos that will melt you

Weddings have always been an affair of emotions and memories. While it is a celebration for both the families and their friends, it’s indeed extra emotional for the bride’s mothers. After all their little girl is all grown up and about to start a new chapter in her life. Nothing is more memorable than capturing […]