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Book a Wedding Photographer through Fab Weddings

vikrant massey wedding

If you are tying the knot anytime soon, and have a huge to-do list for the wedding preparations. And struggling to book a skillful photographer who could make incredible remembering for you by creating an album, then you landed on the right page! Read the blog to know how can you book a wedding photographer […]

30+ Stunning-Choreographed Bridesmaids Dance Performances!

Bridesmaids Dance Performances- Fab Weddings

Every Bride wants to have a special bridesmaids dance performances by her girl gang and rock the floor and have a memorable moment with her gang . The bridesmaids have been through all the wedding madness with you and it’s time to put the limelight on them. She is probably the one with whom you […]

The 50 Best Party Songs for Weddings In 2019


What’s a wedding without some hit party numbers? We know finding the perfect playlist for your wedding is a daunting task because there are so many songs to choose from! You want songs to evoke the right emotion at the right time. Thankfully, we have put together all the party songs that you need at […]

Top 10 Hindi Songs To “Dance To” On Your Sangeet Ceremony 2019


The wedding season is almost here and it’s time you get ready to move your body to the beats of these crazy dancing numbers and start prepping already because if you aren’t going to break the dance floor, then who will? Here’s a list of some best dancing numbers that we have shortlisted for your […]

Top 7 Celebrity Makeup artists who will make your Wedding Look Wow!


Selecting a bridal outfit is one thing; there is one more thing which is as much important on your big day! Yes, you are right. It is bridal makeup. Makeup is such a thing, be it a bride, or her bridesmaid everyone is conscious of. Now, whether you’re a complete makeup beginner or someone who […]

8 Bridal Entries to woo your groom all over again

From phoolon ki chadar to a traditional woven phulkari chunni, the bride entering with these has become history now. Peppy Punjabi songs, a prop in hand or a flamboyant ride to the mandap has all the eyes set on you and you’re ready to steal the show. Look out for these top 8 bridal entries […]

PCOD: Problem & Solution

Sudden weight-gain, acne around chin and lips, unwanted hormonal hair-growth are some common preliminary symptoms that you may have to get yourself tested for PCOD. It is estimated that approximately 18% of women in India between the age of 12-45 suffer from PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease [1]. The condition is caused by hormonal imbalance. […]

The Big Game Tomorrow: Who will Clinch the Series?

India will take-on South Africa in a decisive third Twenty20 on Saturday. In this much talked about series, what is now left to see is how India closes it. With a stellar performance so far, will team India continue its winning streak, most Indian cricket fans across the world are eagerly waiting to know! The […]

Dealing with Knee Pain: Some Exercises and Practices

Knee problems continue to be one of the leading reasons why people require joint replacement surgery, particularly those who are aged 50 and above. Caring for a bad knee is vital. If you detect signs of a knee pain, here are some practices and exercises you could follow to deal with knee pain:  Consult for […]

Keratin Treatment : Essential Facts

Keratin is one beauty treatment that has caught fancy of many the world over. Stylists swear by it for smooth, frizz free and beautiful hair. And who wouldn’t want that? Remember how blissful life seems days after a blow dryer at the salon and before the next head wash? Easy to manage, smoothened hair not […]