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Running Tips for Beginners

All you need is a desire to run, the willingness to improve your body, and a pair of good running shoes. Running is, in fact, the easiest and one of the most effective ways to lose weight, get fit, and live a healthy and positive life. If you’re a beginner, there are a few things […]

KL Rahul’s Birthday Bash & the Innovative Gift by Chris Gayle

KL Rahul, Kings XI Punjab’s batsman had an eventful 26th birthday two days back. Every player seemed to have their own unique way of wishing the player. Some took to Twitter, others posted funny videos but Gayle stole the show in inventing a unique way to wish Rahul. He became the cake for KL Rahul! […]

Heena Sandhu: The Young Incredible Gold Medalist from India

Another feather in India’s cap at the Commonwealth Games 2018— shooter Heena Sandhu. This incredible 28 year old won a gold yesterday in 25m pistol shooting at Belmont shooting centre in Brisbane. Having bagged a silver in 10m air pistol event, this was her second medal in the tournament. FabFit salutes this young achiever! Talking […]

Gallery: Our Favourite Cricketers’ Off-Field Moments

We see them in-action on field, be it an IPL match, one-day or a test series. Cricketers are in their best sports form, living up to the expectations of the game and their fans alike. When they hit a straight boundary or play their signature shot, we feel the adrenaline rush as much as they […]

RCB v/s KKR: What is Special about the IPL Match Tonight?

True to the spirit of the tournament, IPL 11 finally flagged off last evening with an entertainer of a match! CSK, returning after three years, gave us just the start that IPL fans were looking for. Now all eyes are glued to the special game tonight at Eden gardens, KKR v/s RCB. But what is […]

This Martial Arts Student Overpowered Harassing Men

In the dark world of patriarchy, where women are suppressed and beguiled, any ray of hope is like water for the barren land. This time, we speak about not just a ray, but a blast. A blast that will resonate in the ears of evil minds because not only women even the girls are rising […]

These Celebrity Women Love Pilates: Here’s Why

Pilates is no doubt a great exercise. It helps you shed some pounds, increases your muscle strength, improves body posture – the list could go on and on. No wonder why a lot of celebrities are so hooked onto this workout form. As such, we at FabFit made a list of celebrity women who swear […]

Tomb Raider Star Alicia Vikander’s Six Packs & the Story Behind it

To replace Angelina Jolie in the recent film Tomb Raider, is a dream come true. But it is more of physical skills and fitness level than acting that would be required to do the job right. Alicia Vikander, the Tomb Raider Reboot star talks at length that how her trainer, Magnus Lygdback changed her workout […]

Robin Uthappas’s Amazing Transformation for IPL 2018

As the peppy IPL melody reverberates with the approaching IPL, Robin Utthapa’s body transformation has also created quite a stir. From IPL house parties to  pub screenings, India’s cricket fever is back and so is the fan following of our favourite IPL players. While all the cricketers are gearing up for the coming months of […]

How Bani J Broke this Stereotype of Strength Training

Despite misconceptions, we all know women are indeed naturally strong! Bani J is one Indian fitness icon who exemplifies that stereotypes are for the weak. This becomes especially true when the body is taken care of and becomes fit and healthy. In which case, you as a woman can really be anything you aspire to […]