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The love story of Ayesha and Katja #prewedding

Ayesha and Katja, a couple to adore

Consistently, during the month of June, the LGBT people celebrate pride month. Across the globe, different occasions are held during this exceptional month. Through this celebration, they perceive the impact LGBT individuals have had all throughout the world. Pride Month is so significant on the grounds that it denotes the beginning of changes inside the […]

Colin and Andrew, inspiration for LGBTQ+

Intercultural love of Colin and Andrew

Pride month celebrated, in the month of June, is celebrated to praise the LGBTQ+ community. Marches are a prominent event of pride month, and there are street parties, community occasions, and educational sessions. These are all covered by established media and drawing in numerous members. Colin and Andrew are one of those lovely couples who […]

Celebrate Love with Shannon and Seema #pridemonth

The love story of Shannon and Seema

In numerous parts of the world, June is the ‘Gay Pridemonth’, devoted to praising the LGBTQ people group and their battle against discrimination and social ostracisation. In the US, the ‘Gay Pridemonth’ has its underlying foundations in the Stonewall Riots of 1969. The Stonewall Riots, or as many consider it the ‘Stonewall Uprising’, was a […]

A Dream They Fought For – Real Wedding

Aakriti and Azhar

We come across so many stories on a daily basis. Some entertain us, some make us emotional whereas some inspire us. The story of Aakriti and Azhar is one such story. With buckets of emotions, inspiration and the one thing that bound them together – love. We got to witness a beautiful love story out […]

South Superstar Rana Daggubati’s Intimate Wedding

south superstar Rana Daggubati's intimate wedding

The south superstar definitely broke a lot of hearts when he proposed to his lady love! What came like a surprise (despite the speculation), quickly turned into us swooning over Miheeka Bajaj and Rana Daggubati’s intimate wedding pictures and just how cute they look together! Soon enough, the lovely pair decided to tie the knot […]

An intimate wedding tale of the ‘Birthday twins’

From colleagues to being each other’s the ‘one’, this beautiful intimate wedding tale holds many moments of love and caring, of hope and support. Dive into this story where Harsh and Nandini crossed hold-ups together to be ‘together’. “If I could harness and sell his level of energy, I could be a billionaire, but I’d […]

Sushant & Meghna: A couple to behold & cherish

Intercultural wedding

Given their distinct cultures; Kashmiri (Meghna) & Punjabi (Sushant) cultures they had to walk the tight rope; upholding traditions and family sentiments in equal fervour during the wedding ceremonies. The couple & the families were quite clear, they wanted the wedding celebrations to be luxurious and opulent; offering memories of a lifetime to the families and guests.