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Must-Follow Skincare for Summer Brides

A wedding is season is almost here and brides are gearing up for their big day. From shopping to venue brides will be on a run to ensure that all arrangements are made. However, the heat and tan may take a toll on you if you are a summer bride. But don’t worry we are […]

Must follow skincare tips for the groom to be

Skincare tips for groom to be

Have you ever heard of a groom doing a skincare routine? Well, why does the bride has all the chills when grooms can be the jaw-dropper for the wedding day too. If you are someone who is thinking of taking care of your skin for your big day then you ended up with the right […]

Pre-Workout Diet: Foods that help Workout Better

Fitness enthusiasts and Athletes are always seeking methods to perk up their performance and get their desired fitness goals. If you research, most google sites will tell you that good nutrition is very helpful for your body to give better performance and recover faster after every session of workout. Optimal nutrient intake just before the work-out will not […]

Five Healthy Snacks You Should be Eating On the Go

We spoke to experts and found out that consuming excess salt or sugar causes indigestion, bloating, flatulence, weight gain, or water retention. And if you are planning on hitting the beach or attend a boardroom meeting in a tight suit, indulgence can do more harm than good. Airports are synonymous with joy, change, holiday, and […]

Robin Uthappas’s Amazing Transformation for IPL 2018

As the peppy IPL melody reverberates with the approaching IPL, Robin Utthapa’s body transformation has also created quite a stir. From IPL house parties to  pub screenings, India’s cricket fever is back and so is the fan following of our favourite IPL players. While all the cricketers are gearing up for the coming months of […]

Fit Celebrity Moms: Each of them Walked the Extra Mile

We hear several stories of Indian women who haven’t let go of their youthful vigor, vitality, and gorgeousness, despite motherhood. We at Fabfit researched about celebrity moms who continued to be extra gorgeous even after a demanding motherhood. They chose to live healthy and fit. Here are some of the few fit celebrity moms. Fit […]

Calorie Burn after Festive Eating

Most of us had the guilt trip on Holi last week as we relished mouth-watering gujiyas. But how do we ensure calorie burn after such indulgence? A typical Indian calendar is sewed with festivals all year round. Festivity is often accompanied with careless eating and unwanted weight gain. Jalebis, gulabjamuns, gunjiya, gajjar ka halwa, kheer, […]

What is the Best Diet for a Would-Be Bride

Every woman dreams of walking up to her man looking beautiful in her dream wedding attire that shows off her tiny waistline and slim FabFit body. However, there is a lot of hard work and planning that goes into making this dream come true and achieving the desired weight-loss. For some, to get that perfect body, […]

Virat Kohli’s Fitness Routine

The cricket maestro has a well-set routine to maintain his fitness levels. In this article, we’ll take a sneak peek into the regime that creates magic for Virat Kohli. It was a chance conversation with Duncan Fletcher, former coach of Indian cricket team, that planted the idea of fitness in Virat Kohli’s mind. Fletcher pointed […]

Healthy Variants in Indian Food

The wide combination of condiments and spices in Indian cuisine not only make the dishes appetizing but also offer various health benefits, including fat loss. When cooked and prepared appropriately, Indian foods can enhance your physical and mental wellness. Indian foods also aid in burning body fat, thus making them really good for weight loss. FabFit […]