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Know How our Weight can Fluctuate upto Five Pounds in a Day

Know How our Weight can Fluctuate upto Five Pounds in a Day

The little bout of fear we experience before stepping on to the weighing machine is real. Most of us have grappled with it. If your worst nightmare comes true and you weigh a few pounds extra than yesterday our suggestion would be: Do not panic! It is okay to weigh up to 5 pounds higher or lesser… and the good news is: this is not a true weight gain rather you can happily term it as water weight. Yes! Water the elixir of life has the capability to wreak havoc on the scale, but this is just temporary. It can change not just on the daily basis, rather on hourly basis.

Pro tip: Weigh yourself early in the morning after you’ve ‘freshened up’.

Why? Because the water weight is out of the system and the scale is more likely to tell an almost accurate figure.
To answer your curiosity as to why does our body gain weight up to a whopping amount of 5 pounds, read on:

Current plate

To eat right and lean is the obvious part of weight loss game plan. But sometimes after curbing our desires, we cheat in a meal and end up consuming good quantities of carbs. The result is fluctuating results at the weighing machine. The truth is, it is not a permanent weight gain rather it is the water weight as the body has a tendency of retaining three grams of water for every gram of carbohydrate we consume. The variance of up to 5 pounds could go up and down depending upon the carbohydrate pool.


Yes, exercise can also lead to the fluctuation in the weight gain or weight loss of up to 5 pounds in a given day. For the rest days when you drink ample amounts of water and are not really shedding it on the treadmill or are exercising, but not drinking ample amounts of water, you might see the scale rising. On the other hand, when you exercise well and drink in conjunction with the amount you sweat, you are going to see the weighing scale sliding.
Fit woman refreshing after workout

The Na 

Na or sodium is also one of the reasons many diets ask you to watch the amount of salt you consume. The more salt you consume in a day, more water body will retain. An article from the Greatist mentions,

If you suddenly consume more sodium than you are used to, you are likely to face water retention. 

Don’t even bother to check the scale after a cheat day or a day of excess sodium intake. Although, if you have to the weighing math, be assured the weight gain is temporary.


This point is for the ladies and asks them not to decorate their lives around the weighing machine’s numbers. The period before your period and through your period can be challenging for your body and the mind. The cycle bloat is common and nothing major. If you have a tendency to get psyched with what you see, please stick to weighing yourself every month not every day!
Remember scale is not the final number, what matters are inches and the happiness quotient.

The scale will be erratic, but we need to be happy and hydrated!