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Wedding anniversary gift for husband

It’s always worth celebrating another year spent together, and an anniversary is a terrific time to calm down and enjoy with your partner. Consider how you want to make your spouse feel while you’re looking for a fantastic gift. Choose the romantic way and shop for something essential that he would love and appreciate. So here are […]

Top imitation jewelry brands in India

For each bride, marriage is one of the most unique moments of her life. Jewelry isn’t always a style for women, it is deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition. It is usually a form of self-expression. Different towns in India have unique jewelry styles. Imitation jewelry is in demand because of its stunning creativity […]

Romantic Wedding Proposals to take a cue from

Unconventional romantic wedding proposals to draw ideas

We all have felt, butterflies in our stomach when it comes to saying those pesky little feelings to our crush. But at that time we were so tiny and immature that we didn’t really know what do these things really mean? But now, we are mature enough to let people enter into our tiny dream […]

Top Venues for weddings in Middle East

Having plans for conducting destination weddings and are on the lookout for Venues for weddings in the Middle East? Here are top resorts and hotels that you could book for your dreamy wedding. The Middle East is a melting point of the world, where people from different cultures meet and treat. Dubai is home to […]

One of our Top Make-up Artists Creating Happy Bridal Stories with her Stunning Work


Being a Wedding Portal, Fab Weddings has a lot to offer to our Happy Customers but that does not stop us to create Happy Vendor Stories who get quality business by being part of this Big FAB Family. Likewise, any smart bride would definitely know – The Best Bridal Outfit could all go in vain […]

Top Honeymoon Destinations in India that will definitely get you the overseas experience


First things first, there is no right way to rank these gorgeous collections of destinations situated all around India. Every couple is a special combination of phenomenally unique individuals and hence, the best can only be a location that is a blend of what they both adore. Nonetheless, here are a few place we definitely […]

Gorgeous Bridal Hue Alternatives so you can move on from the conventional Red


We saw some of the best combinations of lehengas in the past wedding season. The pastel colors, ethnic designs and the way of styling made us fall in love with every outfit. So here we are, approaching the wedding season, with the wide variety of shades in the wedding lehengas and suggesting you some of […]

Top 10 Hindi Songs To “Dance To” On Your Sangeet Ceremony 2019


The wedding season is almost here and it’s time you get ready to move your body to the beats of these crazy dancing numbers and start prepping already because if you aren’t going to break the dance floor, then who will? Here’s a list of some best dancing numbers that we have shortlisted for your […]

Bloggers Who Got Married and Left Us in Awe


We are almost approaching the wedding season and it’s about time we reveal the best weddings of our very own influencers that we saw lately. To be couples, take some inspiration from these stunning couples who flooded our feed with their balletic pictures and gave us all the wedding goals. 1. Diipa Khosla and Oleg […]

Throwback to the Top 7 Beauty Products our Moms Used back in the day


We already know where we got all that sass from, they are none other than, our superwomen, our Moms. We are reminiscing all the good times and looking back on all those products are moms used to use in their teenage years.So, before you go ahead and shop all those expensive beauty products for your […]