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Workout with Coldplay–Here's How !

Workout with Coldplay--Here's How !

This British band has been weaving magic through its lyrics and soul soothing music, since 1995. But the way we all are so used to their melodies, it feels like an eternity!

We would not call them musicians rather uplifters, do-gooders, social workers and messiah of people in distress

The soul stirring lyrics of ‘Fix You’ or the enchanting music of ‘Paradise’, we can’t thank Coldplay enough for their invaluable contribution. Adding life to every moment of love or heart break to the ironies of everyday living and those low motivation days…this band has painted the blank canvas of our mind with psychedelic images. Their therapeutic melodies are infectious and demand to be hummed in every setting…and our workout modes are no exception !
A wave of happiness ingests in our ears as soon as the play button is pressed on the iPod or the phone library. The list of our favorite songs from Coldplay can extend from hours to days.

Here are some songs you could add to your workout regime and feel the magic reflect even as you perform those challenging moves. 

female runner in urban invironment


One of the most famous songs from Coldplay, anyone who loves music would vouch for this song. Talking about Paradise, it makes sense to play this as you work towards reaching your paradise of good health. 

Hurts like Heaven

A gem from the album Mylo Xyloto, Hurts like Heaven’s fast beats are perfect for running or jogging and especially during those cold, wintery days, you could just sing, “it’s so cold, It’s so cold. It’s so cold, so cold” through your warm up. 😉

Fix You

Fix you will be a quick fix as you do some serious pilate moves and find your breath through the middle of your workout.

Don’t let it Break Your Heart

Another addition to the list is again from the Mylo Xyloto album of Coldplay from the year 2011. The psychedelic guitar chords’ beginning and thought drowning music is enough to take your mind off mundane things and keep up on the treadmill. 


Trouble is a solution during the gruesome strength training reps your gym instructor is asking to push through. And if your gym instructor says, ‘I never meant to do you harm’ nod with affirmation!

Via La Vida

The vibrant beats and the fast paced rhythm make perfect sense for this song to be added to this workout song list. Isn’t it? 


Taking about the ironies of modern day, the lyrics speak about ‘real’ and ‘fake’. Politik is yet another one of those songs, which will invoke the true human in you and something like this during a workout? Well, yes, yes and yes.
Any other song on your mind? You know we are excited to know which one? Only a Coldplay fan understands the curiosity of another one!