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Top Honeymoon Destinations in India that will definitely get you the overseas experience


First things first, there is no right way to rank these gorgeous collections of destinations situated all around India. Every couple is a special combination of phenomenally unique individuals and hence, the best can only be a location that is a blend of what they both adore. Nonetheless, here are a few place we definitely […]

Bloggers Who Got Married and Left Us in Awe


We are almost approaching the wedding season and it’s about time we reveal the best weddings of our very own influencers that we saw lately. To be couples, take some inspiration from these stunning couples who flooded our feed with their balletic pictures and gave us all the wedding goals. 1. Diipa Khosla and Oleg […]

Throwback to the Top 7 Beauty Products our Moms Used back in the day


We already know where we got all that sass from, they are none other than, our superwomen, our Moms. We are reminiscing all the good times and looking back on all those products are moms used to use in their teenage years.So, before you go ahead and shop all those expensive beauty products for your […]

Wedding Ideas Stream: March 19, 2019


Getting married is not an easy task, we know that. These few Indian Wedding ideas for Wedding invitation, Wedding cakes and Wedding Favors may relieve a bit from your shoulders. Have a look!

8 Bridal Entries to woo your groom all over again

From phoolon ki chadar to a traditional woven phulkari chunni, the bride entering with these has become history now. Peppy Punjabi songs, a prop in hand or a flamboyant ride to the mandap has all the eyes set on you and you’re ready to steal the show. Look out for these top 8 bridal entries […]

PC, Turner & Danielle sizzle in Jobros’ Sucker!


The anticipation ends right now as Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares the snippets of the widely awaited music video from “Sucker”- the latest initiative of Jonas Brothers “Jobros” on her insta handle. Apart from the awesome music quintessential go Jobros, the video is special on many other counts as it features Nicks’s wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, […]

Gallery: Our Favourite Cricketers’ Off-Field Moments

We see them in-action on field, be it an IPL match, one-day or a test series. Cricketers are in their best sports form, living up to the expectations of the game and their fans alike. When they hit a straight boundary or play their signature shot, we feel the adrenaline rush as much as they […]

A Relook at Menstruation: These Celebrities see it Differently

Menstruation, an essential aspect of women’s health, was reconsidered in the Bollywood  film Padman. But why do we need to relook at menstruation? “Shark week”, “Code red” these are just some codes occasionally used by women while on their period.  In most cases, menstruation is something that may not be discussed freely. And when discussed, we often […]

Women’s Health:You are Never too Busy to Take Care of Yourself

A lot of women tend to believe that just because they’re motivated towards a certain career, it means they won’t have enough time to take care of their own selves. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You have all the more reason to pamper and rejuvenate yourself. Just focusing yourself on your career without […]

How to Deal with Post-Menopause Changes

The beginning of menopause comes with a series of emotional and physical changes in women. This is attributed to the decrease in estrogen levels which causes changes in women’s lives, thus making them develop depression, anxiety, and in other times, suicidal impulses. However, these signs only last for a certain period after which they start […]