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Bridal looks Mouni Roy slayed

Mouni Roy ties the knot

The wedding of Mouni Roy and Suraj Nambiar is currently storming the internet. Both of them are looking absolutely stunning in their respective outfits and well adorable in every picture together. Our bride wore quiet a variety of bridal outfits, lets have a look at all of it. Haldi Stylist Anuradha Khurana designed the bridal […]

Essentials of Bengali brides to complete their bridal look

Every region in India has slightly different rituals and customs for the wedding. There will always be some difference in the traditions, rituals, customs that make each region’s weddings unique from the other. Now moving towards the land of Bengal, let’s see the essentials of Bengali brides. Bengali weddings would be incomplete without these important […]

Bengali brides who looked like a Rani in wedding saree

“Oh shonduri…Tomar monta diye jao, Tara Tari eshe jao…” Bengali’s love for wearing saree on the wedding day has been constant. Especially the red Banarasi saree or as it’s said in Bengali as ‘Lal Benarosi’. In fact, they prefer wearing different types of sarees during all the rituals of the wedding ceremony. Starting from the […]