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How to adhere the covid wedding safety rules

Covid safety precautions

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of impact on the wedding and the industry related to it, Due to the surge in cases, the government has put restrictions on the number of people allowed per wedding and formed various safety rules to control the spread. So to organize the event in the safest way […]

Get your ideal bride body and flaunt away

The key to a successful self-care and health care routine is making early plans within the given time frame. In the weeks that follow the engagement, one is busy seeking out the right marriage ceremony venue, but it’s also important for one to start planning the fitness routine. First, set your desired goals, such as having […]

Throwback to the Top 7 Beauty Products our Moms Used back in the day


We already know where we got all that sass from, they are none other than, our superwomen, our Moms. We are reminiscing all the good times and looking back on all those products are moms used to use in their teenage years.So, before you go ahead and shop all those expensive beauty products for your […]

Sleep Well for Fit Body & Healthy Skin

Why do all health experts lay premium on sleep for a healthy skin and body? Yes, it is not a stereotype. It has its own share of reasons as sleep is intricately connected to a number of our essential lifestyle and biological functions. A good sleep at night is great for keeping the skin healthy. […]

Pre-Workout Diet: Foods that help Workout Better

Fitness enthusiasts and Athletes are always seeking methods to perk up their performance and get their desired fitness goals. If you research, most google sites will tell you that good nutrition is very helpful for your body to give better performance and recover faster after every session of workout. Optimal nutrient intake just before the work-out will not […]

Running Tips for Beginners

All you need is a desire to run, the willingness to improve your body, and a pair of good running shoes. Running is, in fact, the easiest and one of the most effective ways to lose weight, get fit, and live a healthy and positive life. If you’re a beginner, there are a few things […]

This Martial Arts Student Overpowered Harassing Men

In the dark world of patriarchy, where women are suppressed and beguiled, any ray of hope is like water for the barren land. This time, we speak about not just a ray, but a blast. A blast that will resonate in the ears of evil minds because not only women even the girls are rising […]

Five Healthy Snacks You Should be Eating On the Go

We spoke to experts and found out that consuming excess salt or sugar causes indigestion, bloating, flatulence, weight gain, or water retention. And if you are planning on hitting the beach or attend a boardroom meeting in a tight suit, indulgence can do more harm than good. Airports are synonymous with joy, change, holiday, and […]

Tomb Raider Star Alicia Vikander’s Six Packs & the Story Behind it

To replace Angelina Jolie in the recent film Tomb Raider, is a dream come true. But it is more of physical skills and fitness level than acting that would be required to do the job right. Alicia Vikander, the Tomb Raider Reboot star talks at length that how her trainer, Magnus Lygdback changed her workout […]

A Relook at Menstruation: These Celebrities see it Differently

Menstruation, an essential aspect of women’s health, was reconsidered in the Bollywood  film Padman. But why do we need to relook at menstruation? “Shark week”, “Code red” these are just some codes occasionally used by women while on their period.  In most cases, menstruation is something that may not be discussed freely. And when discussed, we often […]