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Real wedding of Mitika and Ridesh amidst the Gir Forest

Real Intimate wedding of Ridhesh and Mitika

The global corona pandemic has taken a toll all over us. Weddings and public gatherings are at a halt. The pandemic has changed our lives and work from home and staying at home have become new normal. But as it is historical that love can’t be restricted in closed-door for a long time. Amidst the […]

Bachelorette party ideas for the bride to be

Well, gone are the times while brides together along with her pals desired to visit a few fancy clubs for their bachelorette party, which I agree isn’t always the proper concept to have fun the massive night before the wedding. Now is the time to do being unique,  being different to have fun on your huge night. There are […]

Bachelorette party ideas for the groom to be!

Many grooms with their buddies choose to visit a few fancy clubs for their bachelor’s celebration. I don’t agree that it is an ideal concept to have fun the massive night time earlier than the wedding. You got to do something extremely good something particular to have fun in your massive night time. Of course, […]

#fabpicks Couples who had the most fun!

The essential factor of any wedding ceremony is for you and your companion to get married, right? But beyond that, it could also be the most important celebration you will ever throw! And whilst we think about the word “party,” we think FUN. Not only for the visitors however the couple as well! We’ve compiled […]

Cake ideas for the bachelorette party

Depending on the type of bachelorette celebration you throw, the cake should match the theme. Cakes are not an important part of the traditional bachelorette party, but they are a way to make the party more amusing and festive. Plus, pretty much everybody loves cake. So, on the last day of your best friend’s single […]

Top places in Delhi for your Bachelorette cake!

Are you searching for a bachelorette cake store in Delhi? Well, Delhi never disappoints! Check out these amazing custom-made bachelorette cakes. The sugar cube Do visit their store at this address- 325 A, Masjid Moth road, South Extension, Block A, South Extension II, New Delhi 110049. To get your customized bachelorette cake go to The […]

Brides who chose off-beat outfits for their mehndi!

Indian wedding

Mehendi ceremony is celebrated one day before the wedding. It is usually a social and family get-together where all the distant friends and cousins sit together and enjoy. Mehendi or henna is a paste that is applied in the hands of the bride and is associated and considered as a metaphor for positive spirit and […]

Most interesting Jaimala designs to try out for your wedding

Jaimala made from notes and gold has become old-fashioned. Welcome beautifully woven floral and scented jaimala. Floral jaimalas are trending today with some refreshing and delightful designs. Your wedding is the first step of your precious married life and jaimala is the initial step of getting married. The trading of jaimalas between the lady of […]

Bachelorette party ideas to make it a fab party!

Don’t keep calm, the Bachelorette party is on! Is your bestie getting married coming soon? I just heard a “YES”? Then come on, hurry up! It’s your time now to get into action and start planning on how she’ll spend her last few days of her single life. But don’t worry, we are there to […]

Wedding Game Ideas You Should Definitely Try!

Weddings are meant to be the epitome of fun and thrill. The experience is what makes all memories worthwhile. Some fun and exciting wedding games just add to the whole experience! They will ensure that the guests are entertained and that everyone has fun time participating. These games are sure to bring your family and […]