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Get your ideal bride body and flaunt away

The key to a successful self-care and health care routine is making early plans within the given time frame. In the weeks that follow the engagement, one is busy seeking out the right marriage ceremony venue, but it’s also important for one to start planning the fitness routine. First, set your desired goals, such as having […]

5 Advance Challenge Moves we Love from Jillian Michaels' Facebook Profile

5 Advance Challenge Moves we Love from Jillian Michaels' Facebook Profile

She’s a woman who talks in numbers– Jillian Michaels is the motivation behind many transformed lives and enhanced body images. One of the toughest American trainers, this woman has no qualms about looking quirky & giving what it takes. She only knows how to train mean and boy, she can derive results. From the famous TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ to our laptop screens, Jillian has guided millions to achieve their desired results. And if we have to say one thing about her sense of humor in between those sweaty challenges, we would say, she is unapologetically witty. Her only muse is to help her subjects achieve their ideal body image in the shortest & the most effective way possible. In her words,

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

if you have watched one of her DVDs, TV shows or followed her on social media, you would know what she means by this statement. And once again, she brings some steadfast moves through her social media profile for the advance body workers.
Statutory Warning: These moves might look easy and doable, but do not let your eyes fool you. These are super advanced moves and should be performed only when you consider yourself a seven or eight on a scale of 10 when it comes physical endurance & performance levels. Happy Sweating!
1. Twisting Hero Pushups
Jillian says: “Challenge time! This one doesn’t look that bad, but trust me, it’s a killer. Start with a regular Chattarunga push up, then progress to this bad boy. Send me snaps people!”
Fabfit says: Full pushups are challenging move! Not anymore, especially after witnessing the Twisting Hero Pushups move, we can proudly say that Jillian has raised the bar above the line. A total body fat blaster, this comprehensive move takes into account both the upper body as well as the lower body. The pushup works the upper body & the core and the twist works the oblique, quadriceps and the buns. Target the entire body by adding a few of these in your everyday workout regimes.
2. Wide Pushup Frog Thrusters
Jillian says: “Another insane pushup for this week’s challenge move. Until you have the power to add the plyo for upper body just jack out the feet and leave the hands in place.”
Fabfit says: Definitely an insane move, Wide Pushup with frog thrusters can test your core and arm strength along with testing your balance. Yet again, a full body move, the pushup work the obvious muscles, whereas, the frog thrusters deal with your lower body in a challenging way. The plyo action can take away the concentration & sway the lower back. It is advised to hold the core as tight as possible to overcome the chances of backache.
3. Single Arm Drive & Press
Jillian says: “As promised, your weekly challenge move: Single Arm Drive and Press. Start with no weight till you’ve mastered the movement. The key to this is to tuck your tail bone, squeeze your glutes, keep your core tight and drive into the ball with your lats.”
Fabfit says: Seriously, managing a swiss ball is tough enough on its own. To help it stabilize on the floor to give you this kind of support, it would take some mojo, phew! The move requires a great deal of core strength as the core carries out most of the upward motion with some support from the elbow of the resting hand. If this move comes out to be too challenging to perform, we will not be surprised!
4. Forearm Pushup
Jillian says: “Here we go! This month’s challenge moves are all crazy pushup variations. Take a look at this bad boy. Send me a video once you’ve nailed it! USE YOUR CORE”
Fabfit says: This pushup variation is a mixture of three moves: a regular pushup, a regular plank and a forearm plank. These hybrid moves are great as they target multiple muscle groups and offer a refined shape to the body. This move might look easier in comparison to others, but a few moves in a row and you will start feeling the burn.
5. Rock and Roll Pistol Squat
 Jillian says: “Some of my advanced athletes have been asking me to post “challenge moves”. Careful what you wish for. I’ll put 1 up a week for you. Start with a Rock N Roll Pistol Squat 😉 To make it easier you can use your hands on the ground when rolling back and pressing up.”
Fabfit says: So, this is where it all started. Jillian genie granted us one of the most challenging squat with a rock & roll move. The downward movement with one leg up in the air takes some quadriceps muscle strength, along with working the resting leg’s knee. Get ready to kick your butt with this potent move. What’s your inspiration? Skinny Jeans or Booty shorts?
Let us know through your comments what challenges you faced with these moves. If you want more of Jillian Michaels, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook, in just a few clicks.

The 'Skinny Bitch' Celebrity Trend You Should Know

The 'Skinny Bitch' Celebrity Trend You Should Know

Skinny Bitch might sound like a slang and might not go well with the feminists and the sensitive chunk of the society, but before you get any ideas, let us clear the air. By ‘Skinny Bitch’ trend we are talking about a fitness trend dominating the international celebrity fitness regime. Yes.

Skinny Bitch is all about reshaping into a lean, strong and a sexy body and Russell Bateman, the owner of Skinny Bitch Collective, has no qualms about calling his London based studio by this name.

He is a celebrity fitness trainer, who has been training models and celebrities for many years. The tongue in cheek title, ‘Skinny Bitch’ originated from a joke between Russell and his friends, where Russell was constantly teased on training only skinny bitches. Hence, the name sounded perfect to the celebrity fitness trainer, and why not? We have to accept, it does have a zing to it!
Sweeping the world with the rigorous, hard-core exercise regime, SBC or Skinny Bitch Collective is an invitation only studio, & a lack of sufficient supply paves way for aggressive demand. With about 101k followers on Instagram and 19,000 followers on Facebook, Russell Bateman is now a global name through indirect endorsement by celebrities like Suki Waterhouse and Ellie Goulding, as they & many other models keep posting their gruesome workout videos on social media platforms. Attended by high cheek bone models and other mortals, Russell offers a statutory warning on the fitness level required before hand to almost all those who are invited to the 1000 calorie burn party.
SBC official website’s landing page welcomes the visitor’s with a bombshell in the SBC merchandise Bikini on a pristine beach. Sculpted to perfection, this model first slays the viewer with her seductive eyes and then creates an appropriate brand image in the eyes of the onlooker.

A sorority of elite crop of British fashion swears by SBC and are not only trained to look drop dead gorgeous, they are also taught the significance of nutrition and food.

Couple with bruises and aches, this workout is known to help the practitioner in keeping up the insane shape the models ought to maintain in order to survive in the cutthroat industry.
Kathlean Hou from The Cut magazine in the article “I Got Initiated Into the Skinny Bitch Collective” referred to the exercises as ‘animalistic set of frenetic exercises’ and added Russell’s thoughts on the style of workout. He said,

“It’s raw, evolving, and intense. I want girls to get fearful of the workout because fear feeds emotion, which fuels intensity. That’s the key. I want girls to get as far away from their comfort zones as possible and remember to never underestimate themselves because, deep inside, they are stronger than they think.”

While we agree with ‘get out of your comfort zone’ ideology, we are not so sure about fear fueling one’s workout motivation.
Is it worth the obsession?
Every new or old form of workout has some take aways attached to it. The $45 class of SBC is flooded with wait listed girls and celebrities alike, but is it truly worth all the wait and effort? Though the workouts are intense, challenging, fun and do add to the endurance levels of the practitioners, the fitness fraternity is questioning the safety & wellness concerns these workouts pose. A model needs to be on her toes to achieve the insane body standards set by the beauty industry, but for people like us, it seems a little too unrealistic to perform these workouts on an everyday basis.
Of all the videos, I came across on all the social media sites, it did excite me at first, but after reading all the reviews and suggestions from reliable sites like etc. , I gaged, it is not really a thing for us mortals. We need something that we can keep up on a regular basis and if like me, you prefer something fun & challenging as well, then why not opt for a high intensity or a Tabata style workout? This is not to say, Fabfit has any less respect for those who practice at SBC, we merely intend to live by realistic standards. Although, trying a class or two, if given a chance, should be a great activity to try one’s hands on!
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Four Core Moves for Sexy & Strong Abs

Four Core Moves for Sexy & Strong Abs

A ‘strong core with washboard abs’ is something we all dream of and wish to achieve. Whether you are in the fitness game or not, almost all of us want to own better, flatter, toned abs, and for the lucky few who have it right, are also working on maintaining it. With multiple methods out there to achieve the dream of a model like core, one can choose what works best for them. Yoga, gyming, pilates, strength training, cardio, HIIT, Kickboxing, the list is long and options are plenty. Also, it is imperative that we connect to the saying,

“Six pack abs are made in Kitchen”

Although, all of us do not aspire to own a six-pack or four-pack, still the saying holds true even for those who wish to accomplish a strong core. For a tucked in stomach, it is not just exercising we have to cope up with, the portions we put on the plate and what we put in our mouth is an equally important consideration. The commitment to fitness is not a small term goal, rather it is a journey where we are dedicated to our health.
For those fitness enthusiasts who would love to add intensity, fun and challenge, we have brought a small, 10 minutes, core workout, designed in HIIT style. The workout consists of four exercises with pattern; 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off and each exercise is performed four times in a row. The short rest periods add intensity to the workout periods and allow the practitioner to perform at his/her full capacity. HIIT or high intensity interval training workouts are known to burn more calories than the low impact workout, where there are no rest periods.
Let us take a look at the workout.(

Jack Knife Crunches

A challenging exercise, Jack Knife crunches are usually a part of advance level practitioners’ workout regimes. Working just with the body weight, this exercise takes care of the ab muscle or the rectus abdominis muscles in conjunction with other muscles to get the desired results. Rectus abdominis is also known as the six-pack muscle, which falls right in the center of the abdomen.
Muscles Involved: Rectus Abdominis muscles, obliques, hip flexors, inner thigh muscles
Variation: Instead of having the legs straight, you can bend at the knee for the calves to get parallel to the floor.

Plank Steps

Known for its comprehensive reach, Planks are one of the best exercises in order to target the entire core. Upper & the lower abdomen, the lower back and the upper body work hard to manage the body weight effectively in the position. Plank steps up the game by adding movement in the lower body by way of steps. The core works significantly harder than it works in a normal plank thereby adding to the entire challenge.
Muscles Worked: Rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, larger muscles of the back, shoulders, thighs and pelvic region
Variation: Come down to your knees and perform the exercise on your knees the whole time.


Russian Twists

While working the torso, it is not just the front of the abs that should be targeted, even the side abs or the obliques play an integral role in achieving the ‘V’ shaped torso. Russian Twists target the obliques and helps strengthen them, which further supports the other abdomen muscles to grow six-pack abs. This exercise also works out the extra lunge hanging around the pants, the love handles and lower back fat.
Muscles Worked: Inner and external obliques, quadriceps (if the legs are lifted)
Variation: In order to add intensity, the practitioner can hold a dumbbell or lift his/her legs in the air a little to achieve a constant contraction. 

Toe Touch Crunch Pulses

Targeting the entire front section of the core, Toe touch crunch pulses are directed towards the abdomen by the way of spinal flexion. Since the legs are lifted in the air, the abdomen has to help the pelvis muscles in stabilizing along with lifting up to the rich the toes. There are plenty of variations to the beginner to intermediate level exercise, but in order to achieve your target, it is best that you perform it in its full swing.
Muscles Worked: Rectus Abdominis and Obliques
Variation: For lowering the intensity, the practitioner can perform the exercise with just one leg and to increase the intensity, the practitioner can hold a dumbbell in his/her hand and lift it to touch the toes.
These four moves will help the practitioner reduce his/her belly fat, but this routine alone cannot achieve the desired results. In conjunction with these moves, one can add cardio or HIIT workouts and watch the diet as well for an overall transformation.
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Top Fitness Trends of 2016 (Till Date)

Top Fitness Trends of 2016 (Till Date)

Just like fashion, fitness industry is dominated by trends that define what’s hot and selling!  

And with the advent of new forms of workout, we have to say, these trends are as revved up as the new generation. Did we ever think that ropes would come in handy to build body fitness levels or a watch on the wrist could track our steps, heart beat, monitor sleep patterns etc. Well, we have truly ushered into the new era of uncanny fitness techniques, which helps us to utilize our true potential.
Here are some trends of 2016 (in no particular order), which will throw light on what’s trending.
 The Wave rope workout
Unless you are living under a rock, we bet, you have witnessed this trend either through a celebrity Facebook page or a friend’s instagram. Transcending from football or martial arts training, heavy rope lifting is making its mainstream appearance. This new form of cardio is set on the basic conventional conditioning principle, but challenges the core as well as the upper body muscles. Handle fury by way of Manila rope and feel like ninja while you some badass fat.
HIIT or high intensity training workouts have been on the top lists since 2015 and it is no surprise that it stands tall in 2016 as well. The bust of high intensity training followed by short recovery periods is less time consuming, effective and is changing the way our bodies look considerably. While it does pose certain injury risks owing to the fast paced movement, but we are sure, you have heard the quote ‘Great risk = Great returns”.
Strength Training
Some tricks are classic and they never go out of fashion just because, they are so good! The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016 says,

“Many contemporary health and fitness professionals incorporate some form of strength training into a comprehensive exercise routine for their clients and patients”.

The research further adds that Cardiovascular & pulmonary rehabilitation or metabolic disease management programs often incorporate strength training for enhanced results.
A mixture of cardio , aerobics and dance your way to fitness with Zumba. Many who have sailed on this boat, claim that they could never see cardio workouts the same way. Good skin, elevated mood, shrunken waistlines and happy faces, this is a true revolution in this genre.
The reforming art of yoga has been a way of life for many, but with the initiation of the World International Yoga Day, the trend is acting like wild fire. Yoga is profounder than any other forms of staying fit. Mind, body, soul, the union of all three, this ancient art form is bound to tranquilize a stressed mind and relax a worked up body. Meditation, Breath work and Hand gestures, all this and much more comes together to offer an all rounded approach.
Wearable Technology
As per Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016,

“Taking over the top spot from body weight training and high-intensity interval training is wearable technology. It will be very interesting to watch wearable technology during the next year to see if it is truly a trend or a fad.”

Including smart watches, fitness trackers like Mi bands, Fitbit etc., GPS tracking devices and even the monitors on our smart phones, wearable technology is rocking gen-y’s world by tracking steps, heart rate, calories burnt, sleeping hours, quality of sleep etc. Targeting all this and more, wearable technology is easy to use, convenient to carry and does a fair job in helping you out with managing fitness levels.
Did your favorite make the cut? If not, it’s time to change the game!

Everything You Need to Know About Boot Camp Workouts

Everything You Need to Know About Boot Camp Workouts

Up until now we believed the grass is always greener on the other side, but with the exchange workout program, we can happily say, the whole garden of green grass awaits us. While yoga and meditation infiltrated into the army camps long ago, Boot Camp workouts have been offered to us civilians, and boy, they are here to stay! We are talking about the Boot Camp baby, B-O-O-T C-A-M-P!

Boot camp workouts were up until now used by the military and army to train the commandos and the comrades. The intense, action packed body training regimes are known to toughen not just physical fitness levels rather they challenge the hardest muscle that is there to train, the mind!

The take away from the hardcore regime is: A well sculpted body oozing awesome and oomph, enhanced endurance levels and a greater mind & body coordination.
They are fast, they are effective and they are trending. From military style drills to calisthenics, unlike other modalities of fitness, boot camp come with a precondition- a decent level of physical fitness. A form of a social engagement, another added advantage of boot camp workouts is that they are usually come with a group setting, helping the practitioners meet other like-minded fitness fanatics.
FBBC-home-about-1Winning millions of hearts, Boot Camps are the new way to stay in shape along with shaking the mind and breaking the mundane barriers of old fitness routines. Burning more calories than an average moderate intensity cardio workout,

An ideal boot camp workout would last 60 to 90 minutes and would burn around 600 to 800 calories.

Lunges, jumping jacks, sprints back pedal, planks, squat jack tucks, adding moves from head to toe, this workout is a full body workout.

For the love of history

Holding a strong historical background, boot camp workout is not a yesterday’s thing, rather it has survived the test of time at the hands of soldiers and military troops. First introduced in 1888 in the west, these workouts were directed towards replacing boredom with a disciple focused towards active physical fitness. With the World War 1 coming into the picture, they lost their charm and were again retraced in the prewar period of World War II. Since the US sailors wore boots, these workouts came to be called as ‘boot’ camps.

To Boot Camp or not to Boot Camp?

796a119b80757139c9c73274ca108355Yes and No.
The ballistic movement and the revved up approach contained in Boot Camp workouts can  drain and exhaust you. While we are all for high intensity workouts, which will change the game, we would emphasize on the mandate of medium endurance levels. Beginners should first learn to adapt their bodies to strength training, aerobic exercises and fitness regimes and only then step foot into this territory of insane.
Even those who stand on good physical endurance grounds and have tasted from the springs of HIIT, cardio and strength training, should check about the pre-requisites of a boot camp workout before signing in. For those who have certain medical issues, they must inform their trainer about the same. Also, the moves will be challenging and force you out of your comfort zone, therefore, take it slow (if you can) by trying to take longer rest periods.
What do you think?
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Strength Training or Cardio: Weightloss Decoded

One of the most compelling questions we are often confronted with:

 ‘Which form of workout to adopt for weight loss?’ 

In the battle of the fittest, who takes the trophy? Is it cardiovascular exercises or strength training? Fitness enthusiasts often contemplate about a comprehensive plan of action that would target all round fitness, while also sculpting the body. In addition to this, fitness myths surrounding both, cardio workouts and strength training regimes, further add to the confusion. While some pin their allegiance to strength training for a pumped up look, others profess their love for cardio workouts, as it is the key to losing weight. The simple formula of ‘calories in and calories out’ syncs well with Cardio, because it burns more calories than the amount consumed. This causes one to shed those extra pounds. But is it really that simple?

Cardio workouts

Cardiovascular exercises target the heart rate through high intensity exercises to burn fat for the extra energy expenditure.

This proposition of burning more calories and lose weight, sounds lucrative to a layman. But if you take a closer look, it might not be the best plan.

When the body burns fat, it does not distinguish between muscle mass and the extra stores of fat. Most likely, the body is going to burn the muscle mass to draw energy, whereas the extra fat in the body does not nudge as much. This results in a short-term & limited weight loss along with a smaller version of oneself, which is unsustainable.
Why do we say unsustainable? Simply because when we have more muscle in the body, the resting metabolism rate is higher as muscle mass burn more calories than fat. When we have less muscle mass and excess stored fat (due to excessive cardio) our body burns less calories and gradually when we decrease the cardio burnout, our body starts to gain fat & weight, both. And this time, since muscles mass has decreased, the weight increasing even more.
However, we cannot discount cardio on the basis of aforementioned facts. High intensity Interval training ( undertakes cardio moves to reach the desired results and it works like a miracle.

Strength Training

First things first– I need to throw some light on the myth “lift weight to look bulky”. When we talk about strength training, we are not talking about ‘yeah-I-got-muscles’ look. We are referring to , ‘yeah-I-look-toned-I-am-going-to-wear-tank-tops’ look.

With 30 minutes of weight training 3 to 4 times a week, the practitioner will not only reshape his/her body, he/she will transform the body image as well.

Recently, I lost 15 Kgs by adding strength training to my regime and I can say it with surety that I don’t look bulky. Rather, it has helped me achieve my goals.
Strength training exercises are perfect when the aim is to build lean muscles and achieve a transformed look. This is not to say, that strength training burns more calories than cardio, but it does not burn the muscle mass instead, it burns stored fat and helps build muscles & physical endurance. With increased muscle mass, our body’s resting metabolism rate shoots up and we burn more calories even when we are away from those weights & resistance bands. The bonus is, a weight loss that is stable and sustainable.

Final Outcome

After looking at all the points above, if you want to lose weight and achieve a healthy body, it is mandatory that you opt for not just one form of workout. Both cardio or resistance training has benefits of its own & it would be unfair to say that only one form of workout is better than the other. We have to incorporate both forms for an overall achievement.

It is imperative that we take our diet into account because diet constitutes to 50% of weight loss.

The idea is to eat good fat in order to lose the bad fat. According to a study conducted by the journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, women who ate a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet until satiated actually lost twice as much weight as compared to those who ate a restricted low-fat diet. Opt for Superfoods (link to superfood article), healthy fats, good cabs and increase the protein intake in your diet to achieve a healthy body.