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Did You Know Your Smart Phones Is Doing These Six Things to You?

Did You Know Your Smart Phones Is Doing These Six Things to You?

The addiction of the smartphone has gripped us in its intoxicating reach, so much so that scientists are confused if smartphones usage should be propagated or condemned. The irony of technology dependence is, less usage increases the urge towards it and increased usage enhances the health hazards related to the subject.
A research published in speaks on how researchers conducted a test with a batch of students, where some students were allowed to keep their phones during the examination whereas the other group was devoid of the same. The results were astonishing.

“They found that students who had their phone removed before the task scored, on average, 17 per cent points lower on working memory than those who were allowed to hold on to their phones, even if they just kept the phone in their pocket. It also hindered reaction times in switching between tasks.” 

Yes! Is this firm hold of smartphones creating convenience or health hazards? Let us have a look:
1. Just like a sword, our mind sharpness depending on its usage. Studies have shown that every time we make a decision based on our search engine or apps researches, we are allowing our brain to be increasingly lazy and dependent. Trust your gut instinct instead.
2. Improper posture and hunched backs are collateral damage, as we are constantly dropping our shoulders and slouching forward to check updates from the online world.
54ffd11476e40-smartphone-killing-you-orig-master-13. Replacing exercise or physical activity with online purchasing or games, our smartphone eats our mental peace based on what we see on our feeds from our dear ones. Increased anxiety and depression with the fear of missing out, are a few of the immediate outcomes of spending excessive time on the smartphones.
4. Extending from office boundaries, the work spills on to our personal lives due to the ‘always available’ tag our smartphones have lent us. This further makes way to the need for an immediate response, otherwise the stress cycle continues.

A report from mentions, “The study, which looked at 100 university students, retail workers and public-sector employees, found that the stress gets so bad for some, that they actually begin to experience phantom vibrations, thinking their phone is buzzing when it isn’t!”

5. Espresso shot Vs. Bright light of the smart phone, what do you think disrupt your sleep patterns more? The latter wins the title hands down. Our mobile devices are the first and the last thing we reach out for in a day. Huff post survey mentions that as large as 63% of people between the age group of 16 to 29 drift to sleep while they are on their phones or tabs or laptops. The waves from the smartphone are known to interfere in healthy sleep patterns.

6. No brownie points for guessing that our eyes are a direct victim of the blue light from the devices, which wreaks mayhem on the retina.

7. Hampering our social interactions and personal warmth in the relationships, smartphone gulps the real time with our family & friends and replaces it with virtual time. We prefer talking to someone away from us rather the one in front of us.

With all this said, how many of us will actually try to reduce the time on a gadget? Make simple, small changes to see bigger differences.

Yasmin Karchiwala's Sculpt & Shape: Review

Yasmin Karchiwala's Sculpt & Shape: Review

Trainer to the Bollywood stars Yasmin Karachiwala, and internationally renowned Pilates instructor Zeena Dhalla teamed up to bring you Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way.  This book provides a holistic and practical approach to every aspect of feeling and looking your best.

Aforementioned lines are from the official site of the book, ‘Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way’ & give a brief introduction on what the reader should expect from the Bibel of Pilates. Talking about the art form at length & its transformational benefits, the book also offers some detailed Pilate routines for the newbies, which can be done in the comfort of one’s home.
Yasmin is a famous B-town fitness trainer and is visited by top-notch actresses to reform their body. Media has it that from Deepika to Katrina to Alia, all rely on Yasmin for a tighter, toner and refined body. Yasmin’s Instagram account is flooded with tinsel town celebrities reaching out to her body image studio in Bandara, Mumbai for obvious reasons. Yasmin recently launched a studio in Dubai as well and with the kind of demand, it only makes sense for her to do so. We have our fingers crossed for a studio in Delhi soon!
Zeena Dhalla on the other hand come from the west, Orange County, U.S. and she too owns a Pilates Studio. She has acquired professional training and certification in the art form from Body Arts and Science International. Featured in many international magazines and shows, Zeena teamed up with our very own Yasmin to give us the final product. And crossing all odds of the 12-hour time difference & the long Skype calls, we receive a book that is handy, crisp and a basic guide to Pilates.
inside_3_1403070378_640x640The book introduces Pilates in the best possible way and gradually courses through nutrition, fitness exercises and lifestyle habits. Both the authors bring their expert advice based on personal experience, which is explained in simple words. Unlike other books, this book is free of jargons and complicated sentences and conveys a great deal of information in less time. The readers are impressed by the infusion of the food habit guide in the book along with the exercises. Beating other fitness & diet related books, it takes into account both the aspects to give us complete information.
An addictive read, many readers have found it difficult to drop it off owing to its simplicity & adaptive nature of the exercises. They can be done at home without any specific equipment and therefore are good for those who often travel and cannot squeeze in gym time. Furthermore, the exercises are clearly explained and illustrated in the book. Also, the readers can visit Yasmin’s YouTube channel to get a deeper understanding of the exercises.
abc.engimgHere is what celebrities have to say about Pilates from the official site of the book:
Katrina Kaif says, “The best thing about Pilates is it is a healthy, gentle sustainable approach to fitness based on strengthening and stretching your muscles. Your body feels wonderfully realigned and refreshed. Often high intensity crossfit or functional training (which is very good when you have a specific or quick target to achieve) can be very strenuous on the body.  This is true especially if you have any joint or back issues. Pilates is a very gentle way of still training your muscles without further injuring yourself.”
Deepika Padukone says,” “Yasmin introduced me to Pilates. Within a couple of sessions I was addicted! I could actually see my body transform. Pilates has made me realize how we neglect our core and also how important breathing correctly is. It helps me focus! It helps me on a stressful day!”
Sophie Choudhary says, “Pilates gives you so much body awareness, it really helps you to connect your body, mind and soul, it gives you tremendous core strength and flexibility and it’s extremely challenging.”
With all this hype and drama with Bollywood attention to the art form, it makes sense to try the workout and see how it goes. And for those who are still skeptical on whether or not they should try it out, they can purchase the book.
Have a look at the video by the authors on hunched back, where the postures are taken from the book.
P.S.: Try performing them, if you can, they are truly relaxing & reforming.

A Guide to Set Realistic Goals this Summer

A Guide to Set Realistic Goals this Summer

Five Ways to Set Realistic Fitness Goals this Summer

A New Year resolution, a family wedding or a farewell party, we all have our reasons to work towards achieving a body like Beyoncé or muscles like Dwayne Johnson. Unfortunately, these fitness goals turn into far-fetched fantasies in no time & die a brutal death at the hands of the dreamer.

Abandoned fitness goals & failed diet plans are due to unrealistic targets set by an impatient mind.

Why? Because Rome was not built in one day and to reach the Everest, we have to take one step at a time. The second biggest hurdle in achieving fitness goals after ‘getting started’ is, to follow the set goals. Most of us fail because the goals are either unachievable, require big compromises, results take a long-time to show or low motivation level etc.

Our body is like a machine and requires fuel as well maintenance regularly. Fitness goals are maintenance procedures, which need expert intervention to become a success. Fuel is healthy food & positive mental thoughts we feed ourselves daily. Here is a list of techniques that will help you achieve your set fitness goals:

State the Goal

First things first, before you set the goals,

ask yourself are these goals achievable?

The answer will come within a snap. Depending upon the answer you receive, think about realistic fitness goals. Now, state your fitness goals, loud and clear. For example, state that ‘I want to lose 5 lbs by end of July’ or ‘I want to achieve 15 inch biceps at the end of August’. When we state the goals clearly, we are consciously sending signals to the subconscious mind to start preparing. Also, constantly mention your goals to yourself, as often as you can. Repeatedly stating the goals helps in putting an affirmation in the universe and making things work in your favor.

Chalk out a Plan

It is necessary that you opt for a workout regime that resonates with your choices. A spiritual person will be delighted to take up yoga while someone who like challenging workouts will like a HIIT workout and not vice versa.

List down the accessible places for the kind of workout that appeals to you and enroll at the most feasible option.

Understand your fitness level and accordingly choose a class. Both underestimating and overestimating yourself can turn into loss of interest & failed plans.

Measure the Success

Set yourself up for quick wins, which can be achieved by weighing or measuring yourself at quick intervals. Rather than measuring yourself at the end of the month or three months, start by measuring weekly or fortnightly. Why deprive yourself of the joy of being on the right path?

Results can be the best form of motivation.

Invest in a measuring tape or weighing machine and keep a constant check. The key is to stay motivated, so do not overdo it by measuring yourself every day as this might work the other way round.

The Visualization Technique

Over the course of time, many studies have emerged stating the success of visualization technique. As per

“A study looking at brain patterns in weightlifters found that the patterns activated when a weightlifter lifted hundreds of pounds were similarly activated when they only imagined lifting.  In some cases, research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone.”

I can vouch for this technique because I have used it and achieved my desired targets. Visualizing how one will look
& measure on the measuring tape and the scale on achieving the targets, works wonders.

Affirmations for Success

An extension to the aforementioned point, we reckon sharing the fitness goals like you have already achieved them with your friends and family members. For instance, if you want to lose 5 lbs of weight and achieve the 125 lbs target, instead of saying I want to lose 5 lbs, start saying, ‘I have lost 5 lbs and I weigh 125 lbs’. The affirmation technique will pave the path to success easily.
Along with these techniques, it is important that we feed our mind with positive thoughts and encouraging words. On a daily basis, we put ourselves through numerous self-negating thoughts. The power of positive thinking goes a long way. During the process of body building, toning or sculpting, weight loss, if we look at our legs or abdominal and acknowledge them, the story can flip 180 degrees. Small acts of gratefulness go a long way.