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Air Pollution & Exercise: Quick Tips as Delhi Reels under the Menace 

Air Pollution & Exercise: Quick Tips as Delhi Reels under the Menace 

As the ‘white-dense layer’ descended on the capital city last week, most of us rejoiced initially thinking that winters were finally here. On the contrary, it was the nature signalling that all is not well. Since then, each day has been difficult, with a host of health concerns raising head and the city’s breathable air plummeting to hazardous levels. Delhi air pollution is in news yet again and people are gasping for breath.
As life goes for a toss with a drastically compromised air quality, exercise or a healthy lifestyle in the circumstance might sound counterintuitive. Even as aerobic activity is central to one’s fitness routine, air pollution and aerobic exercise are an undesirable combination. One reason is that during the aerobic activity we breathe deeper and there’s a likelihood of inhaling through the mouth while exercising. While nasal passage helps filter the air a bit, breathing through mouth gets tricky. And at a time when air pollution is at its peak, it is a sin unimaginable.

(Source: AP/Manish Swarup)
But hopelessness is for the weak-willed. Even as the government is doing its bit in response to the situation, the five day odd-even rule trial or shutting down schools, here’s how fitness enthusiasts can tame the dragon:

Indoor Workouts

Air-quality expert, Dr Gary Fuller, of King’s College London, says he would encourage joggers and walkers to “be a bit smarter and think about where they are doing their exercise

No, we are not asking to merely replace turf with the treadmill, there are many exciting workout forms to choose from. Indoor yogazumba, combat workout, strength training, functional training, HIIT are some sessions to look out for. Check out the fitness centre nearby for these group workout sessions.

Time it Well

For those who cannot do without their daily diet of walk in the park, we suggest you reduce the duration. It is even more important to choose the time well. Early mornings and late evenings are always tricky as air is dense and heavier to breathe. It is best to go for a stroll while there is ample sunshine or during mid-day.

Take Antioxidants Regularly

Some superfoods, rich in antioxidants help combat the daily stress that your body is subjected to due to exposure to pollutants. Adopting a proper diet is mandatory to live up to the challenges thrown up by nature. Boost your intake of antioxidant-rich fruits like strawberries, pomegranates, blueberries, and vegetables like broccoli, tomato, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Strengthening the body with the right kind of food and exercise does wonders.With these small tricks in mind lets outmanoeuvre the Delhi air pollution and keep our health on-point!