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Fabfit Celebrates Women Power with Melissa Arnot Summitting the Everest Without Oxygen

Fabfit Celebrates Women Power with Melissa Arnot Summitting the Everest Without Oxygen

“I am climbing at a steady pace, breathing hard and covering my face from the cold. I can see that I do not have an oxygen mask protecting my face; I can see that I am doing well.I try to visualize the summit, but it is just outside of my mind’s eye. I guess there are some things that you must truly experience before your mind will accept them, and then again, there are some things that even your mind knows are uncertain.”      

                                                                                                                 -Melissa Arnot

The feeling of being on the top of the world is one of its kind and tasting this victory, Melissa Anrot, a mountaineer, has achieved one of her many dreams. Setting the World record (though in some controversy) of…

…becoming the first American woman to summit the Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen,

Arnot believes it is just the view on the top, but everything else that matters lies far beneath.
Only a true winner, who has devoured the ups along with the lows & values life, can make such a statement. And we are looking up to you Melissa, not just for doing what you did, but also for being real and humble. A long lost trait, it is a quality of a precious gem to shine even after being brushed by the winds of fame & glory.
This victory touched her feet on the third time when she decided to kick off the supplemental oxygen and was ready to embrace the ruthlessness & fury of nature, head on. In her last post, before she climbed Camp III & IV from where the summit begins, she wrote on the

“The sun is setting now, straight over Pumori and Cho Oyu, and the thoughts running through my mind are ones of extreme gratitude, just to be here. Here is beautiful though I cannot wait to make our way uphill.”

Eddie Bauer Everest 2012 Expedition
A quality of the winner and an achiever is always being in gratitude and enjoying the present moment. It takes a great deal of centeredness to be where she is. We want to ask you Melissa that how many meditation sessions went into this transformation or should we frame it differently, is trekking a meditation in itself?
Melissa in an interview with mentions how she was hush about her climb without the supplemental oxygen for various reasons. One, she had failed a few times in the past without the oxygen help. Secondly, she wanted to take out the trauma & the drama of setting the right image of Everest & herself. And thirdly, she was determined to go for the climb, even though there would be no one to celebrate her victory, because for her, it is the climb that mattered & not the record.
Clearing her mind of all the unnecessary clutter, the third time was different because she felt she is in a different space. She mentions in the interview,

“When we were climbing I was just so unbelievably focused. Like I literally couldn’t look at anybody, I was in this weird place where I could haze you out and walk past you without seeing you… Did I come here to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen or did I come here to sit around in people’s tents and have tea and chit chat?”

Her partner Tyler seemed like a grand help in her quest and she does not fail to acknowledge that.
But just because the plan has to go wrong somewhere or the other, the fact that she is still the first American to summit the Everest without supplemental oxygen, is still a mystery. Owing to the fact that Francys Arsentiev did it in 1998 but died on her way back, there is still some confusion on that front. But, hey! Who cares? As long as you know it in your heart, that is all that matters.
After bagging this victory, Melissa along with her college senior, Maddie Miller was set to achieve yet another record by taking the 50 peaks challenge. Where she and Maddie will summit 50 peaks in every single state in just 50 days. Whoa! If they do it, they will be the first women to do this. But unfortunately, Arnot suffers a cold related injury in her foot, which has slowed her down.
We are praying for you girl! Way to go>>>
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