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Bridal looks Mouni Roy slayed

Mouni Roy ties the knot

The wedding of Mouni Roy and Suraj Nambiar is currently storming the internet. Both of them are looking absolutely stunning in their respective outfits and well adorable in every picture together. Our bride wore quiet a variety of bridal outfits, lets have a look at all of it. Haldi Stylist Anuradha Khurana designed the bridal […]

#fabpicks Most stunning Pahadi Brides spotted

Pahadi people are pretty simple and their weddings are without any glamour. The most vital aspect in a pahadi bride’s wedding ceremony is the nath of the bride, that’s called the Nathuli. It is gifted through the groom’s mother to the Pahadi brides. Just like another wedding ceremony, pre-wedding ceremony functions which include engagement and […]

Aesthetically appealing bridal jewelry you just can’t resist

After you’ve got finalized your dream lehenga, it’s approximately time you should select out your bridal jewelry too. While necklaces and earrings are the primary jewelry objects of your bridal ensemble, we could now no longer overlook how essential matha Patti, anklets, rings are. After all, they dictate your bridal accessories and make-up too. Your […]

30+ Heavy Bridal Nath Ideas For Bride-To-Be!

Naths are such an important piece of jewellery that surely amp up your whole look! When we look at these heavy naths we get why every bride wants the perfect one. So we’ve prepared a list of heavy bridal nath ideas to get the look you desire! You can pair them with some stunning bridal […]