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Auspicious wedding dates of 2022 for North Indian marriages

Falling in and out of love never really happens with planning or at the right timing. It happens when it is destined to take place. Though weddings are made in heaven but on Earth, it is done with certain fixed conditions. So, let us have a look at some of the best days in which […]

Phoolon ki chadar ideas

A wedding’s phoolon ki chadar design is unquestionably essential. But, of all the small things, it’s the one that gets overlooked the most. Request that your designer creates a bespoke chadar for you that compliments the theme or your wedding outfit and you may walk down the aisle to the greatest music. So here are […]

Bridal entries that made us go wow!

An Indian wedding ceremony isn’t always only a ceremony, it’s far an extravaganza that envelopes plenty more than the traditional rituals. It includes astounding music, innovative dances, a drama with an abundance of characters, and of course the bonding of households for generations to come. The bride is the maximum treasured person at the wedding. […]

Ecstatic Ideas for Bridal entry

Just like wearing a wonderful lehenga and a gorgeous set of ornaments, a lady of the hour fantasizes about having a grand entry on her wedding day. And that should be expected after all it’s the day when a woman looks most beautiful in her wedding dress. So, the brilliance of the hour should be […]


Bridal entry

In this blog, we are going to make your wedding a gossip worthy affair with our bridal entry guide. The happiest day for a father is when his little girl is happily starting a new chapter of her life. The endless chaos and list of things to do only too make her day memorable. Father […]

Top 30 Beautiful ‘Phoolon-ki-Chadar’ Ideas for Bridal Entry

Father’s little princess turns into a loving queen for her husband’s family, and this event is called a wedding. Isn’t it true? A wedding can be seen as a girl’s promotion to being a women taking care of her family.. And her entry into the wedding is not even the slightest bit insignificant. To help […]