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Must follow skincare tips for the groom to be

Skincare tips for groom to be

Have you ever heard of a groom doing a skincare routine? Well, why does the bride has all the chills when grooms can be the jaw-dropper for the wedding day too. If you are someone who is thinking of taking care of your skin for your big day then you ended up with the right […]

Say Goodbye to Love Handles without Excercising

Say Goodbye to Love Handles without Excercising

Those of us who are trying to work their way through belly fat would be able to relate to the ugliness of the love handles. The creepy oodles of fat can be a hindrance to drooling bikini curves, a muscular beach body, pencil skirt look or fitted t-shirts. With home workouts ushering-in on our screens, it has become rather easy to search for videos and tackle this problem area. But what about off workout-routine habits which are a real contributor to love handles. There is a direct relation between our lifestyle and the way we look. So instead of focusing on a workout, this article will focus on the do’s and don’ts outside of the gym or away from the yoga mat. 
Lifestyle choices
One of the important things to understand here is that there are multiple factors that contribute to body constitution. Out of this stress forms an integral chunk.

Studies have reflected that stress induces cortisol (stress hormone), which leads to visceral belly fat retention.

Apart from this, it also makes us more susceptible to binge eating. In order to avoid this cyclical process, we have to bring in changes in our lifestyle routines.
Healthy LifestyleOther than the mandatory clause of eating well, it is important that we should sleep sufficiently and try to take off days from both workout and work to balance out the stress levels. Over exercising was beneficial in little or no cases. Also, if we miss a meal, especially the first meal of the day, we are more likely to be cranky and stressed throughout the day. Eat well, at regular intervals and to your heart’s content (not overeating).

A thumb rule is to eat every 4 hours in order to keep the blood sugar level balanced.

We are not asking you to diet or eat short meals at regular intervals rather we are asking to eat well and eat properly.
Eat This Not this 
Apart from this, one of the most obvious and most neglected aspects of weight loss or weight management is, what we put on our plate. There are plenty of food options on the counter, but

A wise man is different from a fool based on his/her choices.

Once a week cheat meal is acceptable, but what if you feed your body with utter junk, colas, candies, ice-creams every day? We suggest opting for holistic food items and opt for nutritious choices.
Nuts and seeds are a great way to consume the good fats, antioxidants, proteins and minerals in the body. Pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, Chia, goji berries, blueberries, the list is endless. Also, lean meat, fish and egg can be beneficial when compared to fried meat or red meat. Limiting the consumption of sugary treats can lead to a jump into the fitness levels, whereas artificial sweeteners are a big no no if you want to overcome the love handles.
Drink This, Not This

Alcohol is a direct form of sugar we are putting our body through and in no case scenario is it ideal to consume beers, wines, vodkas and cocktails. But if you love your poison, we would reckon you to limit it to once in 15 days at least till you work your way through the love handles.
Also, fruit juices like orange juice or mango juices are one of the easiest ways of consuming sugar. Every fruit has natural sugar, which when consumed with the fiber from the pulp is balanced out. On the other hand, once we remove the goodness out of the fruit all that there is left is the flavor of the sugar. This is like living in oblivion and asking to be cheated.
And we are sure, you would not want to be cheated. So eat well, sleep well, lead a healthy lifestyle and say goodbye to 50 to 60 % of the love handles in no time.