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Why you should get a Foot Spa rightaway

Why you should get a Foot Spa rightaway

 “Research studies in the U.S. and around the world indicate possible benefits of reflexology for various conditions, particularly as an intervention to reduce pain, enhance relaxation, and reduce psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression”

A study published by the University of Minnesota states the aforementioned fact and this is indeed true. Foot spa, pedicures and massages are small retreats we all reach out for from time to time. Why? because foot reflexology absorbs all the stress with pressure point massage and cleansing.
Our feet work all day long, every day for our lifetime. These sessions at the salon can act as real treat for our feet. Also, a part of one’s hygiene routine, foot spa forms an integral part of any woman’s or even man’s monthly expense on grooming. And there is much more to the story of therapeutic foot spa which reflects at different levels of our being.
Here is a list of benefits that foot spa offers and why you should not miss that monthly visit to the parlor:

Stress Relief

Needless to say, stress relief is one of the foremost reasons to go for foot reflexology for any modern man or woman. The pressure from thumb and palms activates the zillion points that rest on the sole of the foot, which further enhances the functioning of the organs. Ayurveda clearly states that all the points to different organs lie on the soles of our feet and palms. With a regular acupressure or foot spa, we bet, you will experience the tranquil benefits of this therapy. 

Varicose Veins Buster

“The university of Minnesota further adds, “Hudson (2015) found that patients receiving reflexology prior to varicose vein surgery reported significantly lower intra-operative anxiety and shorter pain duration than participants receiving treatment as usual.”

When veins in the legs widen or become twisted and the valves are unable to supply the blood back to the heart, they experience heightened pressure leading to the disease called varicose veins. Excessive standing and walking is inadvisable for the patients of this disease. With the help of foot spa, one can expect substantial relief in the legs.

imagesCleansing the body

Foot reflexology not only works on the physiology of the body, but also spiritually. With the help of massage and pressure points, deep cleansing and exfoliation, our energy is channelised and releases in a better manner. Our feet contain the lower chakras, which also work in grounding the negative energy. Also, with the enhanced circulation in blood, the toxins are flushed out of our body more smoothly and effectively.

Enhanced Immunity

Our immunity levels get a boost while other perks include increased blood circulation, better mind and body cognition and enhanced mood. Also, stress is yet another biggest factor in any form of disorder. Since the autoimmune diseases are on a hike, we can say that with stress relief manifesting from massages, one can expect to enjoy freedom from innumerable diseases.

Balance and Harmony

Releasing the nerve ending and the valves from any extra baggage, the act of foot spa enhances the balance of all the organs in the body. This balancing and absence of stress and chaos is referred to as Homeostasis. The increased harmony is a symbol of joy and a stable mind.
All these aforementioned benefits and many other advantages can be reaped if foot spa is opted for both as a method of healing and grooming.