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Brides Who Wore Deep V Neck Designs And We Love It!

Deep V Neck Designs are every bride’s dream this wedding season! Weddings are a grand event and brides want to look their best. Their outfits are the highlight of the wedding and what would spice it up more than a sexy outfit with deep v neck design, making you look all bold and stunning? We […]

Top Photographers From South India For Weddings

Top Photographers from South India for weddings are in high demand these days. Guess why? Their amazing photography skills, of course! Weddings in India are like a ongoing event. There’s never any end to it. And one of the top priorities of these weddings is to hire a best photographers who can capture some of […]

Best Female Wedding Photographers In India!

Best Female Photographers For Weddings In India

Looking for best female wedding photographers? You have reached the right blog! It is true that women can do anything and everything. Who said that best wedding photographers could only be men?! Weddings are a joyous occasion and women are meant not just to be the bride in it but also be amazing photographers who […]

A Homemaker's Guide to Complete Grooming

A Homemaker's Guide to Complete Grooming

Lady of the house bears the greatest responsibility of conducting household work. In the midst of all the mundane drama, she usually loses touch with herself and the need to pamper her own self too. Yet we believe that the modern day woman is bold, self-sufficient and looks forward towards spending a great deal of time on herself as well.

Being a good mother does not call for the same qualities as being a good housewife; a dedication to keeping children clean and tidy may override an interest in their separate development as individuals. – Ann Oakley

For all women out there who toil daily for providing their home and families best possible comforts, here are some ways to rejuvenate and feel good about yourself while you carry-on the daily chores.  Here are some grooming techniques to keep you feeling upbeat. For looking and feeling good are often believed to be intertwined.

  • Self-introspection is the first step for any grooming regime, as no two people are the same and no two grooming needs can be the same. Why we mention self-introspection here? Because housewives are unable to devote enough time to themselves, therefore, it is important that they sit down and write down their strengths, weakness, likes, or dislikes when it comes to beauty and grooming.
  • Coming to the basics, more than often than not, you will find your hair untidy or shabby. Rule no. 1 of any grooming game is to look tidy and neat. Tie your hair properly in a bun or ponytail or braid. If you want to leave your hair open, make sure you keep them combed and in place.

  • Manicures and pedicures are an essential tool for any women’s grooming regime. If you think it is difficult to keep with the monthly visit to the parlor, simply dip your feet in a tub at home with some shampoo and exfoliator by your side, as you take care of the baby.
  • Basic makeup should be in place like a BB cream or a CC cream with lip balm or light eyeliner based on your preferences. Too bland or too spicy, both can make you look below the mark.
  • Facials are as important as keeping the clothes clean and hair tidy, as they remove the tan, bad skin, and blackheads. Therefore, you can cleanse, exfoliate, and apply a mask at home if shelling out money for facials sounds too much. Otherwise, a monthly visit to the parlor is a must.
  • Eyebrows and facial hair are a turn off and if you are looking for perfection, how can you miss well-shaped eyebrows and no upper lip hair. If you prefer, you could also tint your eyebrows with black or brown shade, nothing too dramatic though.

Try these simple things and enjoy the positive responses from your family and friends!

Five Habits People With Good Fragrence Always Keep Up with

Five Habits People With Good Fragrence Always Keep Up with

Apart from being a matter a personal hygiene, one’s body odor defines their psychology and their social standing as well. Fragrance is known to increase the wearer’s self-confidence, self-perception and self-consciousness. Also, one’s social status enhances, as often a wealthy man or a woman will not only be dressed well, but smelling good as well. Other than this, a potential partner’s conversion depends on his or her body odor and fragrance usage. As per a report by Graham JA, Cosmetics considered in the context of physical attractiveness states, “Additionally, fragrances are frequently considered to enhance sexual attractiveness.”
The importance of good fragrance cannot be emphasized upon enough. There are some people who always smell good, whereas there are others who need to work on their body odor. Here are few things you could do to always smell like roses or like citrus fruits.
Diet Diet Baby
Our diet is the biggest contributor to our body odor and those onions, garlic and red meat dishes, which are so good for the taste buds, is doing no good to your body odor. Alcohol, spicy food and all those unhealthy items are a no-no or limited to those who smell good. Eat well to smell good. If our body odor is not good, our perfume interacts with it and gives away foul smell or short span of aroma.
fragrancesPersonal Hygiene
Needless to say that personal grooming is equally important, especially for those who sweat excessively. Washing clothes with aromatic detergents and wearing fresh clothes, along with the constant changes (if needed) allows the pleasant scented lot to be themselves. Also, bathing with anti-bacterial soaps and applying roll on sticks, deodorants or travel mist, allows one to keep up with the good fragrance.
Other Products
In order to keep up with the smell better spree, good smelling people use layers of scents or iterate scents. This means that not just the perfume, the other products they use are with the high – end smell. Products like Moisturizer, body oils, colognes, bath soap, detergents, shaving creams, etc. and other products aid in maintaining the desired fragrance.
Spot On Perfume
Spraying on pressure points allows the fragrance to get circulated in your entire body, which helps it to last longer. Rising from the bottom to top, it is suggested that we should spray on our ankles, the back of the knee, wrists, pubic region and back of the ear. The warmest areas in the body, including the back of the neck, small of the back and the stomach are often a great area to spray as well. Also, reapply whenever you feel the need and you will have no complaints with your perfume.
The surrounding
Okay, so nothing can resonate until and unless, it is reflected in your background and the same goes for the perfume. Your house, car, closet, candle stand, sheets and the couch everything need to smell good and vibrate positively, in order for that to reflect on the exterior. It is important that you apply the same to every facet of your life and not just clothes.
Too much perfume? Try to mix fragrances up. Also, applying from a foot distance away from the desired area and 30 minutes before you head out, are a few of the tricks you should keep up your sleeve to avoid death by suffocation for those who meet you.