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The Beauty Norm of 2016: Thick Eyebrows

The Beauty Norm of 2016: Thick Eyebrows

Bushy arches are raising eyebrows. Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Cara Delevingne and Penelope Cruz are sporting thick arches– a trend being adopted by many.

The way you shape your brows can change the way you look, taking away a few years or lending a new freshness to your face.

Beauty experts have always laid emphasis on this facial feature as it indeed contributes a great deal to the overall look. And these days, pencil-thin eyebrows are passe. The idea is to go thick, instead. According to makeup experts, the bigger brows have been in vogue for a couple of seasons now and the trend is definitely here to stay.
Watch this video of famous makeup artist Elton John Fernandez as he shows you the magic of thick brows!
With Fernandes telling you the secret of the bushy brows being the new ‘it-thing’, are you ready to experiment with this new look ?
We know that any new experiment indeed makes us all a little nervy in the beginning. But worry not!

You are sure to get it right if you choose none other than the experts to execute the new look  for you.

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