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Must-Follow Skincare for Summer Brides

A wedding is season is almost here and brides are gearing up for their big day. From shopping to venue brides will be on a run to ensure that all arrangements are made. However, the heat and tan may take a toll on you if you are a summer bride. But don’t worry we are […]

Must follow skincare tips for the groom to be

Skincare tips for groom to be

Have you ever heard of a groom doing a skincare routine? Well, why does the bride has all the chills when grooms can be the jaw-dropper for the wedding day too. If you are someone who is thinking of taking care of your skin for your big day then you ended up with the right […]

Have a year? Skincare tips for the groom to be

Looking top on the marriage day is not a bride’s territory alone. These days, it’s far similarly crucial for a groom to appearance as top as their partner on their D-Day. That is why; aside from choosing the best outfit and different accessories, it’s far very critical for each groom-to-be to comply with an ordinary […]

Watch: The Greek Goddess Look with these Headband Braids

Watch: The Greek Goddess Look with these Headband Braids

Braided hair, ripped jeans, cropped tops, shoulder cuts– the gypsy look girls are raving about. The casual air of this look has captured our hearts and we love the effortless charm. A college goer or a school student or even an adult, braids are versatile and can be customised to one’s taste. The usual braids we used to make to school are outdated. Now there is variety to explore from– the fishtail braids, French braids and Dutch braids, which are rather easy and quick to do.
This tutorial will help you get the headband braid in no time. The tutorial showcases each and every step of the process at an easy to grasp pace. Even if you are a beginner, this will be a child’s play. Have a look:
Wasn’t that just the most things to do? We are sure you loved what you just saw. And this look can be paired up with stripes or cut outs with wedges or espardrilles.
Let us know in the comment’s section below what difficulties you faced so that we can help each other overcome and become one big community that grows together.