If you are thinking that ROKA means you’ve just one conventional bun hairstyle to do, you’re wrong! The beauty of hair is that you can do anything with it as per your wish; highlighted strands, swirling tangles, colored hair and many more. Your options aren’t limited to just the texture of your hair, but also its form. Basically, there are numerous gorgeous hairstyles from across the world that you can take inspiration from, for your ROKA ceremony. Bid Adieu to the conventional hairstyles and take up new ROKA hairstyles for 2020, with creative ornamented buns, and make yourself look vibrant, elegant, and colorful this wedding season.

1. Simple Yet Fulfilling Styles

2. Untangle The Tangled Swirls

3. Classic With A Touch of Hairpins

4. Roll It Down With The Flowers

Via Pinterest

5. Fish-Braided Curly Swirls

6. Untainted Marvelous Elegance

7. Diamonds In The Ocean Of Hair

8. Keep It Simply And Sexy

9. Braid It With The Fragrance Of Flowers

10. Lift-It-All-Up Rounded Bun

Via Pinterest

11. The South Indian Sleek Style

Via Pinterest

12. That’s How They Roll It In Rome!

Via Rome and Italy

13. Hang It Down With Beautiful Hair Jewelry

14. Sleek And Sexy- Bind It All In!

Via ShaadiSaga

15. Traditional White Hair Ornaments

Via ShaadiSaga

16. Neat Bun With A Touch of Culture

Via Vogue India

17. Voluminous Hair Hanging Down The Temple

Via Facebook

18. Thick Styles For Roka Ceremony

Via HerZindagi

19.One-Sideed Hanging Swirls

Via weddingsonly.in

20. The Red-White Affair

Via Pinterest

21. A Gorgeous One-Sided Tiara Shaped Hair Jewelry

Via Mirraw

22. North Indian Style Of Keeping It ‘Heavy’

23. On A Hunt For The Pearls

Via Pinterest

24. Nykaa’s Revived Trendy Bun For ROKA 2020

Via Nykaa

25. Winter Is Here!

Via ShaadiWish

26. The Touch of Olive Hair Ornaments

27. Let It Flow In The Open

Gorgeous Hair Hanging Down Your Temple
Via Pinterest

28. Fish-Braided Tiara

29. Sassy With Bloom’s Hairstyle

30. Elegant And Royal

So, choose your favorite from the above trendy hairstyle for ROKA 2020, and make yourself look beautiful than ever!

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